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a tricycle (usually propelled by pedalling)

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Frustrated by equipment malfunctions and lack of options, Ben Morris, chief pedicab officer, Coaster Pedicab, set out to create the pedicab he believed the market was missing.
I parked my pedicab outside the Siesta Key Oyster Bar and listened to the band cover songs by the Eagles and Johnny Cash.
In this way, our new pedicabs would truly be ready to successfully serve anywhere from Broadway to Main Street,” Shockley concluded.
Normally, pedicab passengers would pay anywhere between P20 to P50 for the short ride.
Christian "Thor" Thoreson and his partner Christina Holmes hoped their pedicab company would appeal to city officials aiming to boost tourism and minimize drunk driving and congestion.
The Pacifico branded pedicabs and shuttle bus offered free rides to those 21 and older seeking safe transit to watch "the epic surfing action" at the Open.
I'd tarnished the can-do reputation of Eugene Pedicabs, let down the city of Eugene's reputation for its healthy citizenry, and sullied the strive-for-excellence spirit that underlies the entire Olympic movement.
The first thing both teams had to do was to get licensed to drive pedicabs around New York City.
Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) announced on Friday that it is launching a partnership with Mile High Pedicabs to offer free rides over the next six months.
Cascadia Cabs, which operates a fleet of pedicabs downtown, has been approved to operate 20 of the three-wheeled people movers in Vancouver, B.
The pair realised the three-wheeled pedicabs, which can hit 10mph, could get them there faster than they could run.
Pedicabs, common in the Far East, have become popular in British cities and Steve, from Brandon, hopes that the idea will catch on in Durham.
Pedicabs have become popular in British cities and Steve from Brandon, hopes the idea will catch on.
According to the Times, the three-wheel pedicabs, which are able to travel as fast as 10 miles per hour and carry two adult passengers, are primarily powered by the driver, but feature a small electric motor to assist on hills.