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Hospital board member Berna Mayer said having a contract with Pediatrix puts the hospital in a position to receive state funding for disabled children.
Pediatrix provides services to over 110 NICUs and employs or contracts with approximately 280 neonatologists.
CONTACT: Janice Giaconia, Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc.
Pediatrix used its cash to complete the acquisition of Pediatric Cardiology Associates, and the transaction is expected to contribute to Pediatrix's earnings.
During 2007, Pediatrix has used its cash to complete nine physician group practice acquisitions, including two pediatric cardiology groups, four neonatal physician groups, one maternal-fetal medicine group, an ultrasound radiology group and an anesthesia group.
They also work with the neonatal physicians practicing as part of Pediatrix who staff the Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center NICU located in San Luis Obispo.
Pediatrix paid cash for both practices, and they are expected to immediately contribute to the Company's earnings per share.
Physicians who practice as part of Pediatrix staff neonatal intensive care and pediatric intensive care units in Seattle.