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Hypogynous perianth characterizes fruits of the Brassicaceae, Cardiopteridaceae, Celastraceae, Cunoniaceae, Cyrillaceae, Fabaceae, Herreriaceae, Lophopixidaceae, Malvaceae, Melianthaceae, Nyctaginaceae, Pedaliaceae, Polygalaceae, Polygonaceae, Phyllanthaceae, Rhamnaceae, Rutaceae, Sapindaceae, Simaroubaceae, Trigoniaceae, Tropaeolaceae, and Zygophyllaceae.
In the Plantaginaceae, Acanthaceae and Pedaliaceae, all of them with very scarce fossil records, there are only one or two reports which seem to be reliable (Table 14; Fig.
Igicumucumu MALVACEAE Hibiscus fuscus Garcke Umutozo MELASTOMATACEAE Dissotis throthae Gilg Icyeba PEDALIACEAE Sesamum angolense Welw.
Olacaceae Ptychopetalum Onagraceae Lopezia Orchidaceae All Pedaliaceae (incl.
Eleven of these are not in Table I: Amaranthaceae, Amaryllidaceae, Aristolochiaceae, Cuscutaceae, Cyclanthaceae, Linaceae, Molluginaceae, Olacaceae, Pedaliaceae, Portulacaceae, and Rhamnaceae.