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Description: Dorsal X, 14 or 15; anal III, 7; dorsal and anal soft rays marginally branched; pectoral rays 13; pelvic I, 5; branched caudal rays 19 (1819); mouth terminal.
05) body weight and pectoral major muscle weight and percentage at 16-week-old compared to the Sham in trial 1.
There are no actual muscles in the breasts so you have to work the surrounding muscles such as the pectorals.
Pinafore is receiving a full production and pulled into port with its cargo of patter songs and pectorals in September at Los Angeles's Celebration Theatre.
See and consider: Sconce, candlesticks, mirror, body, pectorals, potted plant, molding, inflatable panda, trees, harpsichord, ormolu, light, buttocks, flowers, sky, abandoned billboards, atmosphere, flesh, blueness, whiteness, recessed lighting, blondhess, reflection, reality, fantasy, sneaker.
Chest presses for the pectorals, lateral pull-downs for the upper back, shoulder presses for the deltoids, and arm curls for the biceps with a light, hand-held weight.
It was when Phil Hartman sat on the stage with a banjo, mock-playing the dueling banjo ditty from ``Deliverance,'' while two hairy-chested men kept time with their pectorals.