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Notropis simus pecosensis is listed as threatened by federal and state governments and is endemic to the Pecos River of New Mexico and Texas (Hoagstrom et al.
The resulting lake area included the confluence of the Rio Grande with both the Devils River and the Pecos River.
Department of Transportation's Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) issued a Corrective Action Order to El Paso calling for all segments of the three pipelines in the vicinity of Pecos River to remain closed until it can be determined that the pipeline segments are safe to operate.
Mike Shelton, Advantage President, stated, "The start of commercial service for the Pecos River Pipeline marks a milestone in building support infrastructure to ensure sustained production growth in west Texas.
The two entered into an exclusive arrangement wherein Crocodiles Construction would design and build a multi-million dollar 8,000-square-foot residence on the banks of the Pecos River.
Crews with Okema/Driver found the clearing, grading and ditching on the spread more challenging as the work advanced westward into the Pecos River Valley region and then still further west toward the Delaware Mountains and on into El Paso.
The setting of this study is the Lower Pecos River Region, located at the northeastern reaches of the Chihuahuan Desert within southwestern Texas and northern Mexico [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
THE PECOS RIVER VALLEY in eastern New Mexico is a wide swath of trees and green fields.
This development is especially important in light of the effects of the Pecos River Compact, which annually guarantees a certain amount of water delivered downriver to Texas, and other New Mexico water issues," according to a brush and weed scientist at the Artesia Agricultural Science Center.
Energen Resources plans to continue focusing its Delaware sub-basin efforts in the area it considers core, east of the Pecos River.
Bridger Logistics, LLC, a division of Bridget Group, LLC, plans to join Advantage Pipeline, LLC of Midland, TX in developing its Pecos River Pipeline project that will transport oil from the Delaware Basin to Gulf Coast and Midland markets.
Smallmouth bass are nonnative predators present in the Pecos River system of New Mexico.
Preliminary analysis of the effects of the Pecos River on geographic distribution of small mammals in western Texas.