Pecos River

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a tributary of the Rio Grande that flows southeastward from New Mexico through western Texas

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Current distribution of Texas Shiner is within and downstream from spring complexes from the San Gabriel River in the Brazos River basin on the northeast extent of its range, to the Pecos River basin in the west, and to the Rio Grande basin in the south (Garrett et al.
After renewing their relationship, according to court documents, Raquel began giving Diego information on highways to take, sensor locations and when officials would monitor the Pecos River ramp.
grandis in the Pecos River with gut contents analysis and to carry out a preliminary investigation of fish consumption rates with timed laboratory feeding trials.
activities the flow of the Pecos River at the New Mexico-Texas state
Energy assets company Blueknight Energy Partners LP (BKEP) (BKEPP) reported on Friday the extension of the open season for the north extension of the Pecos River Pipeline until 26 April 2013 to allow potential shippers to finalise arrangements for committed space.
The Pecos River Pipeline will enable west Texas producers to deliver crude oil to Gulf Coast markets through a pipeline connection at Crane, Texas.
By the mid-eighteenth century, Comancheria extended from the Arkansas River south to the Balcones Escarpment in south-central Texas and from the Pecos River east to the Cross Timbers.
A town on Route 66 once used for the freight train scene over the Pecos River railroad bridge in the movie "The Grapes of Wrath.
He put his 5300-acre Pecos River Ranch on the market for $33million in 2009.
He describes Chisum's background, and how he built a cattle business along the Pecos River, helped to pioneer the Goodnight-Loving Trail and his own trail which opened up the Pecos Valley to cattle ranching, the events that led up to the Pecos War, and the part he played in the Lincoln County War.
Although the experimental population boundary extends up the Pecos River to the mouth of Independence Creek, the minnows are not expected to move into the Pecos.
McCarthy presumably took the name Harkle, whose land he says this is, from Harkel Canyon, which lies some miles to the northeast and opens onto the Pecos River.
or that prior to QVM treatments, saltcedar trees along the Pecos River were stealing 1-1.
Introduced Arkansas River shiner Notropis girardi and native Rio Grande shiner Notropis jemezanus coexist in the Pecos River, New Mexico, between Fort Sumner Irrigation District Dam and Brantley Reservoir.