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partially carbonized vegetable matter saturated with water

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In figure 4 is shown graph and map of vibration spread in the peat soil.
Furthermore, 4 forest site types on wet peat soil and 12 forest site types on drained peat soil were prevalent in Histosols (Table 4).
The aim of research was to analyse the alkalizing microelements in peat soil, species composition and coverage of forest undergrowth, herbaceous at different distances from the pollution source.
The soil was classified as peat soil according to its soil characteristics.
Consistent with other studies, levels of aerobic bacteria, actinomycete bacteria, and yeasts/molds were 1-2 log CFU/g higher in light peat soils compared to both of the dark peat soils.
The amount of carbon which is in the peat soil means that this could have a catastrophic effect on global warming.
His account of the surface peat soil showed a well-decomposed soil, black and brown in color:
Peat soil will allow you to grow acid-lovers like rhododendrons and a rich, fertile mix enriched with Growmore will give edibles a healthy start.
The last nail in Central Kalimantan's ecological, economic and cultural coffin was Suharto's plan to turn one million hectares of peat soil into rice fields for Javanese farmers, a project which also enriched Bob Hasan's aerial mapping company, PT Mapindo Pratama.
Nutrient input to and output from the sand and peat soil occurs via stream flooding in this location.
As it filters through the peat soil on the hills, it often picks up a subtle flavor and tea color (the plentiful supply of water and peat is central to the production of Scotch whisky).
More than 13 percent of Sumatra's remaining forests are peat forests, which sit atop the deepest peat soil in the world; clearing these forests is a major source of carbon emissions that cause climate change.
Filamentous fungi are the major decomposers in peat soil environment where the extensive hyphal networks enable them to use the available nutrients dispersed in vast areas of the farm.
A team has started restore an area of bare peat soil around the size of five football pitches near Allendale using specialist machinery, including a giant heather mower, which will spread vegetation across the empty land.