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a diver who searches for molluscs containing pearls

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The juxtaposition of the music of the pearl divers in contrast with the development of the Gulf region and its current day culture is a story that needs to be told.
Even the descendants of pearl divers and merchants are returning to Muharraq and renovating their old family houses.
Hotel Manager Bob Suri said: "With the 2015 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix next month and a world of diversions for gourmands, ancient history buffs, cultural explorers, golfers, pearl divers, shoppers and those who just want to chill on the beach, now is the time to see for yourself why everyone is talking about Bahrain.
A conversation between an e-cigarette and pat of butter, the seductive call of sirens, and the unique sound of South Korea's female pearl divers all feature in the show, curated by artist Sam Belinfante, which includes a variety of media, from drawings and sculpture to prints and video, with works ranging dramatically in duration from less than a second to six hours.
But in November 1928, it was not a day of celebration; a perfect storm greeted the pearl divers putting a cloud over Dubai and the industry they were all dependent on.
U) (1948) (b&w) The jungle-dwelling hero teams up with a native girl to defeat a phoney island god lording it over a tribe of pearl divers.
The dhows sailed from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to celebrate the cultural and economic importance of these vessels, which were used by Arab sailors, traders, fishermen and pearl divers for centuries.
The architects said that the design of the Al Wakrah stadium was inspired by the flowing shape of a dhow, a traditional sailing vessel used by pearl divers and fishermen in the region for centuries.
Al Yamm, meaning The Sea , was inspired by the Arish dwellings of the early fishermen and pearl divers who lived seasonally on the island.
Indeed there were 30,000 pearl divers working in Bahrain by the end of that period.
Sons of Sindbad" ends with a stirring description of the pearl divers.
HOYAMAL' may be a chant associated with ancient pearl divers, but if the UAE rugby team has its way it will soon be inextricably linked with success for the newly created side.
The human landscape of the island was rather colorful, including indigenous pearl divers, Spaniards, traders, canoe owners, women, missionaries, sailors, merchants, carpenters, barrel-makers, adventurers, scoundrels and riffraff, navigators, and money lenders who found time for recreation and culture through reading, music, card games, chess, and ball games.
WILD populations started dying out in the 19th century, but small scale fishing by individual pearl divers continued until a total ban was imposed in 1998.
And so it goes that a young man is raised in a fishing village by pearl divers.