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having the color of a ripe peach

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peach-colored teddies; slips, nubbly jackets made of the
American Adhaan (October 2001): Watch night spilling on the western edge/of invisible, its cool surrender/to the peach-colored clouds (just water/that has lately collapsed/into form).
into separation like a peach-colored rose, my eyes going slick
The yellow- or peach-colored powder is manufactured in the Dominican Republic, and has been easily available in convenience and specialty stores in Hispanic neighborhoods in the United States.
Also, a limited edition Opium Voile d'ete, a soft peach-colored lotion, will be launched.
They hire a live-in aide, Jerry, "a tired old man, slightly overweight, squeezed into a peach-colored polyester-blend suit .
Its peach-colored hark makes it looks like it belongs in the West Indies--but the numerous scratches on its trunk speak of northern raccoons.
tweedyi, native to south-central Washington, whose starlike cream- to peach-colored blooms are 2 inches across.
De Luis's costumes were imaginative--black for the beginning of the performance, as if to absorb some of the heat and passion of the music and dance; bold, hot colors for the Joaquin Turina, Albeniz, and Manuel de Falla pieces; and a cooler peach-colored ensemble, with a long bata de cola that she used as a prop, for the Sarasate.
The next morning we were bused to the Great Hall of the People bordering Tiananmen Square and ushered into a large room with a three-story ceiling, long velvet drapes, and a thick peach-colored carpet.
And swarms of peach-colored fish, like dollops of sherbet, glitter in the light against a backdrop of swaying sea sponges.
This is a lot to put on a few ounces of peach-colored molded plastic.
Morganite: With a range of colors from rose and light violet to the more peach-colored variety featured in this collection, this stone is fast becoming a fashion-forward favorite.
Their bouquets were ivory- and peach-colored roses accented with silver ribbons and gold and silver beading.
Washington, March 11(ANI): Scientists have found a new frog species in Papua New Guinea, which undergoes a "striking" change from a black, yellow-spotted youngster to a peach-colored, blue-eyed adult.