physical chemistry

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the branch of chemistry dealing with the physical properties of chemical substances

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"The PChem nano silver flexo and screen inks have been well known for offering the best conductivity at the lowest cost," said Charles Munson, NovaCentrix CEO and president.
Among heavyweights, Maybank and Tenaga eased six sen each to RM10.62 and RM15.94 respectively, PBBank slid four sen to RM24.20, PChem declined two sen to RM8.46 and CIMB was flat at RM7.31.
NovaCentrix Acquires PChem Nano Conductive Ink Products in Asset Purchase
Among heavyweights, Maybank and Tenaga bagged eight sen each to RM10.68 and RM16.0 respectively, PBBank gained 24 sen to RM24.24, PChem advanced three sen to RM8.48 and CIMB rose one sen to RM7.31.
Among heavyweights, Maybank gained two sen to RM10.62, PBBank bagged four sen to RM24.04, PChem added 12 sen to RM8.57, while Tenaga and CIMB were both unchanged at RM15.92 and RM7.30, respectively.