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  • noun

Synonyms for payroll

a list of employees and their salaries

the total amount of money paid in wages

the department that determines the amounts of wage or salary due to each employee

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Icon Credit Union announced on January 11 that federal government employees on furlough could bring a past paystub to any branch to apply for a loan of up to $5,000, on approved credit, with no payments due for 90 days.
* It wrongly assumes that a deduction from wages can be seen (like a paystub notation);
Paystubs are one of the best tools you have as any employee anywhere.
To prevent this, the small-business owner should review each paystub for gross pay, deductions, and net pay before signing payroll checks.
At one point Bailey had seven payday loans tied to one paystub. "Was I desperate?" she asks.
You are in fact a lower-risk borrower than it may seem to a distant lender, who evaluates you based on the job title written on your paystub.
There's also the so-called preseason or "paystub" loan, a partial advance of maybe $1,000 against a person's refund granted in December or early January, before the taxpayer has even received a W-2.
* Prime Minister Netanyahu posted a paystub on Facebook.
Scheunemann said Schmidt did try to fire him but added: "I've got a paystub through November 15th."
Nottoway and Lunenburg have made their scorecards available to all staff by such means as paystub attachments, e-mails, bulletin boards, staff meeting presentations and institutional newsletters.
All other noncosh dona- Receipt or reliable written tions records (2) Payroll deduction Paystub or other reliable writ- ten record Out-of-pocket expenses Receipt, cancelled check or while serving as a other reliable written records volunteer Type of donation $250 to $500 Cash Acknowledgment (1) Noncash: Acknowledgment (1) 1.
In fact, many ABC employees, most of whom use direct-deposit, are no longer sent paper paystubs. Instead, they can use the computers in their store to access and print their paystub information.
"As prospects continue to find ways to alter SSNs and paystub data, the industry needs to keep pace by finding ways to diagnose this type of activity before it's too late," says Kelly Canepa, Director of ResidentVerify and ResidentInsure at Entrata.
* What information employers are required to furnish on a paystub: and
The students researched a career and related salary and were presented with a monthly paystub, complete with taxes and 401K contributions.