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Synonyms for bribery


Synonyms for bribery

the practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage

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110) If any such change is to occur, Congress is the most likely source of reform, just as it was in the payola scandal.
The producer's letter, addressed to two journalists who exposed the payola scandal, read: "I predict that within two months you will be six feet under, or behind the bars of Wormwood Scrubs.
However, since the job entails accepting fat envelopes from record pluggers, it's not long before Mr Payola Scandal comes knocking on the Jon as door, the Feds threatening his and dad's hoped for citizenship unless whistles are blown.
The authors show this rivalry culminating in the payola scandal with the disc jockey Alan Freed--a case they view as an attack against rock music.
In the payola scandal, Alan Freed, radio disc jockey, television personality, and originator of the term "rock `n' roll," was arrested on charges of commercial bribery.
who was linked to the Bureau of Customs payola scandal, has been ousted from all his council committee positions due to his absences.
RECORD industry giants Sony BMG have agreed to pay almost pounds 6million and stop bribing radio stations after a massive payola scandal.
During the payola scandal era, he was convicted in 1962 and sentenced to probation for failing to report $18,000 income in his tax statements for 1956-58.