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an accountant who has passed certain examinations and met all other statutory and licensing requirements of a United States state to be certified by that state

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"The tools we've built into RENT Cafe, including nudge marketing and pay-per-click advertising solutions, capture and convert prospects at exactly these moments," says Esther Bonardi, Senior Director of Marketing Strategy at Yardi.
Click Consult's services include: * Pay-per-click (PPC) Mana gement; * Search engine optimisation; * Web design &development; * Social media marketing; * Conversion rate optimisation; * Online copywriting; * Email marketing; * Affiliate marketing; * Shopping feed management; * Internet reputation management; * Multilingual marketing.
"The efficiencies which we have made in optimising our pay-per-click campaigns have had a speedy pay-back and we also don't have to commit in-house resources to the detailed work.
Among other topics, he covers pay-per-click techniques and strategies used by leading search engines, brands, and consultants; creating traffic maps; how to make competitors pay higher prices for their ads; Google's quality score algorithm; using the visitor intention model; how to find "super-convertor" keywords; the best affiliate ads; writing ad copy; and building a keyword list.
For example, its performance-based pay-per-click advertising is distributed across a network of 200 web sites.
BT SearchSmart can also build and transparently manage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.
Or you could consider Google's Adwords - a more cost-effective pay-per-click advertising option.
Midland-based Center Parcs is launching its biggest online spend to date with a pay-per-click and online display campaign through Golley Slater.
The report also shows recent and significant drops in domain kiting and related pay-per-click fraud, indicating that aggressive legal action on the part of brandholders as well as ICANN scrutiny are proving effective in deterring specific brandjacking techniques.
The other way to get into the listings at the search engines is to buy your way in through paid search advertising, also called pay-per-click advertising.
Through search engine marketing, which includes search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, your company can move up and garner sales that accrue to "first pagers."
These sites sell space on their home page and in their category list in much the same way Google sells advertising using pay-per-click. Highly positioned products tend to be the best selling since they catch the eye of the user which can fool the buyer into thinking that they have a real bargain when that might not be the case.
Search engine marketing encompasses two widely known techniques used to make a Web site visible within the search engine results; search engine optimization (also known as an organic campaign) and pay-per-click.
Vest turned to Google's pay-per-click program to help improve the store's rating and increase virtual and real traffic.