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an expressway on which tolls are collected

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Why should the public pay toll tax if the condition of roads is bad and they are facing problems.
The manner of collecting toll is going to change and the human factor will be excluded whereupon there would be no need for cars to stop to pay toll.
He brandished his licensed rifle and threatened the toll booth staff after they asked him to pay toll.
The motorists have termed the policy as biased and said that they have to pay toll tax again and again every time they pass through the toll plaza while travelling between the twin cities which is unjust.
Now, the NCP's youth wing has given a call to refuse to pay toll on March 24.
Delays at toll plazas resulted in thousands of crore worth of losses in terms of fuel wastage, during the time when the vehicle waits to pay toll at the collection point.
ISLAMABAD, May 02, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- The closure of u-turn on Kashmir Highway near sector H-11 has forced the motorists to pay toll tax, who think the step as a deliberate attempt to extort money from the residents of the Federal Capital.
While nearly half of the men and a third of women surveyed said they would be prepared to pay toll charges for high-speed expressways, just 15pc were prepared to pay a pounds 5 charge to enter London.
Striking French truckers block the pay toll plaza at Senlis, north of Paris.
Vehicles driving through Cavite Expressway (Cavitex) will now be able to pay toll fee without rolling down their windows to pay cash or swipe a card.
Alva took a dig at union minister of state for surface transport Krishan Pal who visited the affected highway three days ago but refused to say anything on why should people pay toll tax for driving through such roads.
Dubai: A technical glitch with the Salik system is adding to the misery of taxi passengers as they are made to pay toll charges even if the taxis don't pass through the gates.
The settlement also guarantees that over 200,000 commuters travelling between Delhi and Gurgaon are not required to pay toll.
However, I'm reiterating that we ( MNS) would not pay toll till the state government officially announces the decision ( to scrap toll among certain booths).
Mumbai: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray on Tuesday asked motorists not to pay toll tax at booths across the state until there is transparency in the way the money is being used.