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the Roman peace

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The PAX ROMANA created an unprecedented period of prosperity for the Roman people.
La clausura de las puertas de Jano se ubicaba mas en el campo simbolico, pero alcanzo mucha importancia en el programa publicitario del tiempo de Augusto sobre la pax romana.
Organized as two separate groups for students and graduated academics, Pax Romana was founded in 1921.
Pour les Quebecois qui y participerent, les congres de Pax Romana furent notamment une occasion de s'initier a l'idee d'un monde sans frontieres, monde dans lequel il etait desormais necessaire de collaborer avec des non-croyants.
The most Gallic of French cartoon strips tells the tale of Obelix and Asterix as they fight the Roman legions trying to impose Pax Romana -- the peace of Rome -- on the barbarian tribes.
Romans--ruling over the world during the era of Jesus Christ--announced, "Peace has come," calling this the pax Romana.
Centuries later, the Roman Empire made its way here, changing Perge's fortunes almost immediately with trade and Pax Romana or the Roman Peace.
Casey, he played a variation on a theme by evoking a Latin phrase, Pax Romana (a long period of peace in the Roman Empire) and giving it a creative twist in reference to Roe v.
Part legal inquiry, part mystery whodunit, the fictional plot, constantly doubling back and folding in upon itself through the process of the repeated interrogation of multiple witnesses with divergent motives and viewpoints, revolves around the emperor's urgent need to bring to light (and of course to crush) a criminal plot that was devised to save a rabble-rouser who had originally been only a minor nuisance, but whose inconceivable emergence from the grave after a very public execution constitutes an embarrassment and, potentially, a threat to the stability of Pax Romana.
But in the first chapter alone, Kershaw jumps from Bede's depiction of Edwin as a Solomonic king, to the obliteration of pagan associations between rule and peace with the Christianization of Rome's ceremonial geography, to the adoption of those Roman ideals in some scant form through Augustinian awareness and potential rejection of them, and the shaping of the Vulgate and associated commentary, to liturgical associations between peace and rule in prayers and the state of peaceful kingship outside the Pax Romana.
The International Catholic Movement Pax Romana accused the Sri Lankan government of continuing the suppression of "freedom of assembly and association" in the Tamil dominated areas.
The Pax Romana stands out as the example in which, except for taxes and a few demands of behavior, the locals largely were free to continue as they were.
It fails to address just what went into the making of the Pax Romana and the long, brutish, but relatively peaceful Pax Pontifex of the Catholic Church.
Baldelomar, a graduate student at Harvard Divinity School, is director of the Pax Romana Center for International Study of Catholic Social Teaching, www.