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a member of the Pawnee nation formerly living in Nebraska and Kansas but now largely in Oklahoma

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the Caddoan language spoken by the Pawnee

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The Pawnees and the white men are brothers, but a Sioux dare not show his face in the village of the Loups."
Show my young men the place, that they may pick it up before the Pawnees find it."
Varsity Raiders executed well at the first home opener defeating Pawnee for a nonconference win; 25-11, 25-15.
miles of prospective acreage and used to identify drillable features in the Pawnee Sandstone.
NRCS partners for the workshop include the Oklahoma Tribal Conservation Advisory Council, and Kay, Noble, Pawnee and Payne Conservation Districts.
The new 30-mile pipeline, the Hereford Lateral, will connect crude oil gathering facilities and/or terminal facilities near Hereford, Colorado, with existing Pony Express facilities located near the Pawnee origin facility in Weld County.
Oklahoma Steam St Gas Engine Shows 53rd Anniversary, Pawnee, Okla., May 3-5, 2019.
Photo 4: Two Pawnee men; the man on the left is unidentified, while the other man is The Chief Whom They Look Upon (Na-Sha-Du'-Si-Di-Te-Riku).
Although "The Sea of Grass: A Family Tale from the American Heartland" by Walter Echo-Hawk (who is a Pawnee Indian who practices law in Oklahoma) is an historical fiction novel, it is inspired by real people and events that were shaped by the land, animals, and plants of the Central Plains and by the long sweep of Indigenous history in the grasslands.
Synopsis: Several centuries ago, a young Sioux woman called Lark rebels against her people's traditions and crosses the plains to save her adopted sister from a bad marriage proposal and return the girl to the Pawnee village from which she was abducted in childhood.
is providing assistance to residents of Lake County affected by the Pawnee Fire.
The wildfire, dubbed by local authorities as the 'Pawnee Fire', broke out on Saturday evening near the Clearlake Oaks community/
The Pawnee Fire, which broke out on Saturday near the community of Clearlake Oaks, has destroyed 12 buildings and threatened 600 more as it burns across about 12 square miles.
The Pawnee Fire, which broke out last Saturday near the