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a hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward

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Chris Pawling notes the disparity between popular and avant-garde expectations of literature and reminds us that "we may need to exercise caution in assuming that the 'bleached-out naturalism' and pastiche-irony in Liksom's stories automatically offers a literary representation of the world of 'postmodernity' which is universally accessible" (<http://docs.
Pawling added, "To really be effective and have positive influence in the hunting culture, take time to learn the hunting culture.
Para el Mexico colonial cabe destacar los estudios de los historiadores Pilar Gonzalbo, (8) Carlos Herrejon Peredo (2002) (9) y Perla Chinchilla Pawling.
6) Another early documented human-animal bond program involved the Department of Defense (DoD) at Pawling Army Air Force Convalescent Center, Pawling, NY, in the 1940s.
Tim Hinson, 23, Emma Byron, 40, Spencer Pawling, 42, Zoe Smith, 34 and Rosa van Kesteren, 24, who all live in Bristol, were charged after anti-fracking activists unfurled banners after climbing a rig at the Cuadrilla site at Banks, near Southport, on December 1.
Unlike the ducks, the chickens are bought frozen and already trussed from Pawling, N.
The first reported program in the United States was in 1942 at the Pawling Army Air Force Convalescent Hospital in Pawling, New York.
Pawling, plus a scattering of new letters (often gleaned from private collections) to such figures as Ted Sanderson, Edward Garnett, John Galsworthy, Sir Sidney Colvin, Iris Wedgwood, and the Hon.
French also built a sprawling lakeside estate in Pawling, N.
The papers make up the Taconic Press group and include the Dutchess county weeklies Millbrook Round Table, Voice Ledger of Pleasant Valley, Gazette-Advertiser in Rhinebeck, Pawling News Chronicle, Harlem Valley Times in Amenia, Hyde Park Townsman, Register Herald of Pine Bluffs as well as the Putnam County Courier.
26) The omnipresence of reification as an interpretive link in Jameson's work has led Christopher Pawling to conclude 'that it would be impossible to understand his analysis of contemporary culture without it'.
Eric Pawling, 45, of Chatsworth is set to be paroled today after serving time for a petty-theft conviction from a June 2006 arrest, his second such offense.
He attended Lawrenceville and Pawling Schools, and although he had been admitted to Yale University, at the age of 17, he went to work for the family business of which his father was president.
led his family's company to the vanguard of niche publishing--twice," in the words of The New York Times in its obituary following the publisher's death on September 9 at his home in Pawling, New York.
Trinity-Pawling School, Pawling, New York," he replied.