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United States classical archaeologist (born in Canada) noted for leading the excavation of the Athenian agora (1906-2000)

English physicist (born in America) who studied heat and friction

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If you've ever danced to the classic Roxy singles Virginia Plain or Love Is The Drug, or Bryan Ferry's Let's Stick Together, that's Paul Thompson cracking out the irresistible beat.
The 41-year-old from Garston has recently set up his own business, the Paul Thompson Consultancy, providing specialist IT business services.
Paul Thompson was just one of the customers of the Ponteland-based crime gang headed by brothers Stephen and David Wood, who supplied Paul's brother Brian Thompson.
He told website BIH: "I can confirm that we have interest in bringing Paul Thompson to Troja for next season.
Paul Thompson was also cleared of conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office.
Farewell my love: A grief-stricken Paul Thompson remembers girlfriend Moira Jones, inset, yesterday.
Atwell director and general manager Russell Walker with UK Trade & Investment international trade adviser Paul Thompson
Lodders' partner Paul Thompson with staff members Suzanne Watt and Cheryl Brudenell.
It does this largely by layering video news clips of public officials and events surrounding 9/11 with statements from, and interviews with, 9/11 family members (including the Jersey Girls), Paul Thompson, and other investigators and journalists.
Third Place, "Bike: El Chobba," Bobby Ellis, Brandon Morris, David Montoro, Ken Davidson and Paul Thompson.
Paul Thompson, vice president of visual merchandising and trends for OneCoast, filmed four segments for the 90-minute show, including the piece on holiday tabletop.
Paul Thompson still runs Boston most years, often training on running trails snaking through his backyard in Simsbury, CT.
Though the pictures are depressing, there's tremendous hope for evaluating drugs now that you can see this elapsing over time in a brain image,'' said Paul Thompson, assistant professor of neurology at UCLA and lead investigator.
Their project is on solid footing in Washington because, as coordinator Paul Thompson noted, they were able to come in with a complete proposal and were not asking for money to study anything.
The UTU has worked to improve the working conditions of rail and bus workers for more than 120 years," said UTU International President Paul Thompson.