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Italian pope from 1534 to 1549 who excommunicated Henry VIII of England in 1538 and initiated the Council of Trent in 1545

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Massey has lived in Larchmont, NY, for 21 years, where he and his wife Gretchen raised their three children, Paul III, Sarah, and Greta.
Yet, mainly for political reasons, Paul III finally succeeds in getting the council started.
Preceding the three mythologies on the upper floor of the Scuderie is a splendid gallery of portraits, among them several of the principal actors on the political stage of the 16th century, including the Duke of Urbino (Uffizi), Emperor Charles V (Prado), Pope Paul III (Naples), and a couple of Venetian doges (Budapest and Thyssen-Bornemisza collection).
Gregory VII sought to enforce strict clerical celibacy, but five centuries later, the issue still challenged Paul III.
In the treatise's Preface and Dedication to Pope Paul III, Copernicus writes
Cardinal Alessandro Farnese who, as Paul III from 1534 to 1549, was the great patriarch of the illustrious family and is remembered as one of the Renaissance's greatest popes.
An apostate from Judaism in his twenties, Tremellius' legend would have him converted to Christianity by no less a figure than Alessandro Farnese, the future pope Paul III, protagonist of the Counter Reformation and convener of the Council of Trent, or, alternatively, in the circle of the less than orthodox English cardinal Reginald Pole (at one juncture a plausible candidate for the papacy, towards the end of his life summoned--in vain--to give an account of his stewardship before the Roman Inquisition).
But for the period after 1542, when Pope Paul III established the Roman Inquisition, also known as the Holy Office, the papacy's record on witchcraft was marked by theoretical skepticism and judicial restraint.
A famous portrait by Titian of Pope Paul III and grandsons Alessandro and Ottavio hangs in the Capodimonte Museum in Naples.
We learn about the great Vittoria Colonna whose diplomatic efforts, though ultimately unsuccessful, were indispensable to her brother during the Salt War (a war between Pope Paul III and the Colonna family in 1541 where he tried to impose a salt tax on the Colonna towns in the Castelli Romani).
The New Rome of Pope Paul III Farnese," shows how the papacy of Paul III was a studied attempt to bring a new Golden Age to Rome, following the papacy of Clement VII, which proved a disaster for the city.
Clovis, in his treatment of slavery and its modern day equivalent, abortion, writes; "It is noteworthy that the Bulls issued from the time of Eugene IV (1435) to Paul III (1537) were directed primarily at civil and military authorities, while those issued from Urban VIII (1639) to Benedict XIV (1741) explicitly and forcefully include all members of the clergy and religious orders--a sign perhaps there had been a growing clerical resistance to papal teaching on slavery.
Coach soccer for all three [children -- Paul III, 18, Sarah, 16, and Greta, 12].
Papal Banking in Renaissance Rome: Benvenuto Olivieri and Paul III, 1534-1549.
Season two will take up with the consequences of that action when Peter O'Toole plays Pope Paul III.