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United States writer (born in Russia) noted for his science fiction (1920-1992)


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But author Paul French, a former University of Glasgow student, discovered an old case file in the National Archives.
INJURY: Dementia sufferer Mary Irving ORDEAL: Paul French was cleared of GBH by a jury following a four-day trial at Newcastle Crown Court
CLEARED Nurse Paul French leaves Newcastle Crown Court
The "scratch-and-win" promotion, which began in May, culminated in a ceremony hosted at PAUL French Bakery, Pastry and Restaurant, in JBR, where one lucky diner won his grand prize.
Conn is one of a number of people interviewed by Paul French for Prawns in the Game, a book which forsakes an academic approach in favour of a more humorous style.
Philip Siviter, also of Edgbaston Priory, lost his 50 and Over singles final in three sets to Paul French, of London, while Graeme Adams, the Warwickshire County coach, went down in three sets to Simon Ickringill, of Yorkshire, in the 45 and Over singles final.
Featured teachers: Paul French, Fredna Grimland, David Kelly, Laurie Anne Hunter and Marcie Stapp.
DOPEY TV Space Cadet Paul French has bedded more than 100 women, his best pal revealed last night.
Soil erosion has in large part been caused by the cutting down of trees on hillsides and common land," says Paul French, author of the 2004 book North Korea: The Paranoid Peninsula.
England diehard Paul French explained how Saturday's game divided friends and families in Hawarden.
Paul French, from leading club magazine Mixmag said: "In the last couple of months, the pounds 1 pill has started to appear.
Features editor and competition judge, Paul French, said it was ``by far the best club in Britain''.
Siviter, whose record contains a Father and Son World Championship win with his son Mark and no less than 21 singles titles with Hereford and Worcestershire, won the 0ver-45 National Indoor Championship at the David Lloyd Centre, Heston beating Paul French in the final.
Enterprise IT must take steps to effectively prepare," said Paul French, vice president, product and solutions marketing, Axway.
Paul French, Head of Field Operations at Arqiva, said "Emley Moor is wellequipped to handle lightning strikes.