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footwear usually with wooden soles

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The person I had seen in pattens, who I suppose to have been the cook, frequently came and skirmished with her at the door, and there appeared to be ill will between them.
He had looked at the clock many scores of times; and at the street, where the rain was pattering down, and the people as they clinked by in pattens, left long reflections on the shining stone: he tattooed at the table: he bit his nails most completely, and nearly to the quick (he was accustomed to ornament his great big hands in this way): he balanced the tea-spoon dexterously on the milk jug: upset it, &c.
They had serviceable bonnets, good warm cloaks, and shawls; and were not above clogs and pattens.
This Miggs was a tall young lady, very much addicted to pattens in private life; slender and shrewish, of a rather uncomfortable figure, and though not absolutely ill-looking, of a sharp and acid visage.
The umbrellas in the passage had been heaped into the little corner outside the back-parlour door; the bonnet and shawl of the landlady's servant had been removed from the bannisters; there were not more than two pairs of pattens on the street-door mat; and a kitchen candle, with a very long snuff, burned cheerfully on the ledge of the staircase window.
The Pattens grew apart, and their marriage dissolved, touching off an emotional crisis that drove him to therapy.
On a midsummer afternoon, Patten settled back into a comfortable couch in the living room of his stone Colonial off Massachusetts Avenue in Worcester.
I grew up with writers all around me," Patten remarked.
Still, Patten was honored to be interviewed by the journalist Russell Baker for The New York Review of Books.
Today's youthful Pattens and Clarkes would surely join Labour.
The book still reads well and its author, now paunchy and past 50, remains a very interesting figure: Chris Patten.
The highest Patten went was the Tory chairmanship, an office now held by the pre-historic Lord Parkinson, whose recall was one of William Hague's most risibly baffling decisions.
The Pattens arrived in the Philippines yesterday after sailing from Hong Kong on the royal yacht Britannia.
Former Hong Kong governor Chris Patten has been offered pounds 1million to become a TV star.
Patten is already a millionaire after being paid a fortune to rule the lost colony.