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a saint who is considered to be a defender of some group or nation

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A survey, organised to coincide with yesterday's celebrations for the patron saint, has shown the West Midlands is the most patriotic region in England.
SLAYING, story telling and even a musical dedicated to the patron saint of England will be held in Coventry and Warwickshire today to celebrate St George's Day.
I LEARNT about a new patron saint this week - St Piran, revered by the noble Celtic people of Cornwall.
Aa Although George is England's patron saint he never set foot here, and there is much argument about who this warrior-saint was and where he came from.
IF you've ever wondered how and why your church came to have its patron saint, a new study by an Oxford University specialist offers some answers.
George is also the patron saint of Aragon, Catalonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Germany and Greece, and of Moscow, Istanbul, Genoa and Venice.
He said: ``What struck me was the lack of evidence for all the patron saints contrasted with the strength of belief.
There they preached during the day and supported themselves by making shoes at night, hence their role as patron saints of shoemakers.
As a result Felix and Regula, Zurich's patron saints, are shown with their heads in their hands.
Therefore black sodalities were naturally badly off and did not own their independent churches or even chapels; white sodalities with their own chapels sometimes allowed black sodalities to build altars for their patron saints and hold ceremonies in honor of their saints.
Authentic traditional southwestern patron saints and angels painted on wood which are steeped in native southwestern flavor.
The theme of the festival will be patron saints, and their stories will be brought alive in flowers.
We seem to celebrate Scotland and Ireland's patron saints and forget about St George.
Here they turned in anger not directly against their enemies but rather against their own patron saints.
It envisages the regrouping of the current 52 parishes and eight missions to 16 super-parishes which would take the names of new patron saints.