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Australian writer (1912-1990)

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Since acquiring ownership in Lighthouse in 2010, Patrick White has served in various roles including director, chairman and president.
Ian Patrick White, 53, of Granville Road, Thornaby, given a six-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay PS85 costs and PS20 charges for obstructing a police officer in the execution of their duty.
The three winners, Patrick White, Carlos Anthony Samson and Osama Salha, were rewarded with travel vouchers from Dnata, worth up to QR20,000 for their frequent use of Online Banking services.
So, in Part One, the intertwined readings of Dino Buzzati's Il deserto dei tartari (1940) and Patrick White's Voss (1957) explore the fears and desires of the Western gaze confronted with the unknown: in the two novels, the Tartar desert and the Australian bush promise the main characters a utopia and a dream over the horizon, which, in Buzzati's case, mesmerizes and paralyzes the viewer, and, in White's novel, entirely absorbs and ultimately obliterates him until he--as corpse--becomes part of the landscape.
Kathie and Patrick White with sponsor (left) Peter Burns MBE, of Coventry and Warwick Chamber of Commerce
Thanks to Patrick White and the Globe and Mail, Canadians have been made aware of the sad story of Eddie Snowshoe, a young aboriginal man who ended up imprisoned in southern Canadian penitentiaries, and who ultimately hung himself in Edmonton Institution in 2010.
The only Australian to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature so far was Patrick White, who was awarded in 1973 "for an epic and psychological narrative art, which has introduced a new continent into literature."
The seemingly haphazard juxtaposition of subjects is intentional: Horrie the Wog-Dog, war mascot of the Australian desert troops, is paired with Patrick White, Nobel Prize laureate for literature.
This drama about the difficulties and the joys of being a family is based upon the novel by Nobel Prize for Literature-winning Australian author Patrick White and directed by Fred Schepisi of Six Degrees of Separation and A Cry in the Dark fame.
Last month, the 42-year-old rapper was sued for plagiarism by author Patrick White, who alleged that he stole portions of his writing and then used them for his own memoir, 'Decoded'.
Three more inches," spotter Patrick White said, pausing a moment.
Fred Schepisi's two-hour adaptation of Patrick White's 1973 novel, The Eye of the Storm, has superb performances by an Australian cast including Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis, with Charlotte Rampling in the lead role of the dying, yet elegantly aged, wealthy, domineering socialite Elizabeth Hunter.
An Aussie dream team of helmer Fred Schepisi and thesp Geoffrey Rush, along with source material by Oz author Patrick White. Pic had its world premiere at the recent 60th anniversary of the Melbourne Intl.
Patrick White, the former dean of students who took over as athletic director at Saint John's last year, said part of what set Foley apart from others was his commitment to building personal relationships with coaches and players by attending as many Saint John's sports games as possible.