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a person who murders their father

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the murder of your father

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Creon's belief in the threat of patricide (752) has been translated into Haemon's ineffectual attempted murder of his father (1231-4; cf.
Patricide is one the five actions which result in immediate rebirth in hell after death.
59) In spite of framing the relationship this way, the play insists that spectators interpret the crime as a patricide.
Joe Cain diagnosed this aspect of Gould's writing as "ritual patricide," in "Ritual Patricide: Why Stephen Jay Gould Assassinated George Gaylord Simpson," in The Paleobiological Revolution, ed.
The dense, though deliberately slow–moving drama, which is set in semi–darkness and driven by a pulsating soundtrack, involves a hand for a hand attitude from the cops, hints of incest, patricide and full–on violence as we dive deep into a tale of bloody retribution.
A two-headed serpent is unnatural; patricide is unnatural; Cheez Whiz is unnatural.
Parson gets away with patricide, having convinced the police it was a work accident, but as he gets closer to his dream, the harder it becomes to grasp and the more detached he becomes from reality.
The drama of symbolic patricide entered its final act on 2 June, when a judge sentenced the 84-year-old Mubarak to life imprisonment.
Pondering the dubious basis for Oedipus's guilt of patricide in this most ironic of plays, with ironies that so often point toward rather than away from the hero's guilt, Karl Harshbarger rightly asks, "If the play is built upon ironies, cannot there be irony in this, too?
Engaging with Kristeva's ideas, Nikolchina writes that "There is no symmetry between patricide and matricide; patricide produces lineage; matricide is perpetuated as erasure of the 'name of the mother'" (3).
Yet the shift in Egypt's psyche since its symbolic patricide demands assessment.
Moreover, they perfect the picture with a literal patricide as well, recounting the murder of Sutpen in detail, a description unworthy of a colonel.
Homicide and Patricide: A person, who in full knowledge of the relationship that ties them kills a father, mother or child, be they legitimate or illegitimate, any other ascendant or descendant or their spouse, shall be tried with the crime of patricide.
His thoughtful and heartfelt interpretation of Brahms's emotionally complex work based on a Scottish ballad of patricide is admirable.