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a form of social organization in which a male is the family head and title is traced through the male line

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Other interactants ignored them, for these women did not know how to act in the patriarchial sex and gender hierarchy of the organization.
Lea contends that lesbian pornography appears "to establish a reluctance to relinquish the power the phallus holds in patriarchial culture and its attendant erotic allure.
Although this interpretation of the factors selected for analysis in this paper is in line with the patriarchial family system in Pakistan, it has ignored the fact that education also plays an important role in raising the consciousness of husbands about the health care of his wife and children and women's income earned through employment contributes to family income.
Yet a model linking professional development solely to capitalist, racist and patriarchial imperatives is insufficient.
Through these strategies there is a perpetuation of what Rich (1976) refers to as "the institutional violence of patriarchial motherhood" whereby the relationship between mother and child operates on its own terms but within a structure that legitimates isolation, emotional deprivation and violence towards the less powerful.
of Illinois at Chicago) builds on his earlier work in neo-Kleinian, feminist psychoanalytic assessments of sexual, political and technological domination, beginning by responding to his Marxist, nonpsychoanalytical feminist and post-structuralist critics in such topics as feminist mothering theory without Klein, patriarchial production in Marx, and gender identity after Butler.
Moreover, the emphasis on the all-powerful white-male doctor and the resisting but powerless Black woman patient serve as a trope for the various violations in a racist, patriarchial society.