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an informal use of the Latin word for father

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sancta vocant augusta patres, augusta vocantur templa sacerdotum rite dicata manu Holy things are called august by the senate, august is what temples are called when they have been dedicated by priestly hands.
Although Canisius reveres all the Church Fathers as instruments for thwarting heresy, affirming Catholic faith, and promoting piety, (40) Augustine, the most distinguished teacher and the most accomplished exegete, is primus inter patres.
8) sicut locutus est ad patres nostros abraham et semini eius in saecula (Lk 1.
The gravitas, dignitas, and manliness of the Republican patres familias, Rome's stern-minded elders, could not accommodate the pederasty of the Greeks.
118v-119r, "Quaestionis fuit, sapientissimi patres, iam multum temporis inter priscos, an sapiens duxerit uxorem, cuius dubii Greci peregrinique philosophi diversa sentientes profunde super hac re altius atque altius speculati decertarunt.
De plus, la precision faite par Mgr Felici apres la votation, et suivant laquelle il ne s'agit pas d'un <<message du concile>>, mais des Patres Concilii ad universos homines (19) rend encore plus aleatoire l'interpretation de ce texte en fonction des normes classiques dans le domaine de l'hermeneutique conciliaire.