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a port city in western Greece in the northwestern Peloponnese on an inlet of the Ionian Sea


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The only man manly enough to save Rome and the Patres from the terrifying meretrix regina was Augustus.
33-39, wherein the author explains Gregory's understanding of the role played by the Holy Spirit in the process of divinization and, what is more, the significance Gregory placed upon the procession of the Holy Spirit ex Patre solo for the proper Orthodox understanding of this process, as well as of the relationship existing between the persons of the Trinity; i.
In an attempt to quash the Arian heresy, church leaders in the West added a phrase to the Nicene Creed, "ex Patre Filioque," which stipulated that the Holy Spirit proceeded from the Father and the Son.
Propterea quod dixit oraculum, grave puero domum reduci Imminere a patre periculum, ipsius manu ut caederetur.
Originally, all States which provided for an acquisition of nationality iure sanguinis nearly exclusively applied ius sanguinis a patre (in the paternal line); only in exceptional circumstances ius sanguinis a matre (the maternal line) was relevant (e.
Tertullian, for instance, says: `Animadverte etiam spiritum loquentem ex tertia persona de patre et filio: dixit dominus domino meo: sede ad dexteram meam.
Sed illud sapienter etiam omnino feliciter fecisti, cum societatem et Ferdinandus cum Francisco Sfortia patre patriae nostrae verius quam duce iunxisti eamque amicitiam arctissima necessitudine firmasti.
A similar mistake occurs in the Credo of the same Mass, where Contino mixes up the two adjacent lines of text "Qui ex Patre Filioque procedit" and "Qui cum Patre et Filio simul adoratur.
Ergo spiritus a Christo accipit, ipse Christus a patre .
Cagliari, for their part, are minus key midfielder Tiziano de Patre and have long since lost the air of invincibility they once had at their island base.
According to police officer R K Patre, the Maoists were arrested on Wednesday and were presented before the court on Thursday.
22) <<Me fratre e me patre sono fora da quattro juorne//Du' vote ca tento di lassare 'a sta chiesa [.
Tacitus' account of Tiberius' reign and the Senatus consultum de Pisone patre reveal that the Senate's praise could be hyperbolic, and perhaps needed to be, but that individuals could steer a laudable course between flattery and obstinence.
Does the scripture say that the Spirit proceeds eternally from the Son as well as the Father (a Patre Filioque)?