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a port city in western Greece in the northwestern Peloponnese on an inlet of the Ionian Sea


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Another essential theological problem that was hotly debated at that time was the Filioque problem: the phrase added to the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed to the effect that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father as well as from the Son (ex Patre Filioque).
ducati vintiquattro ad bolognini septanta cinque pro ciasche ducato presentibus lu patre provinciale et lu patre priore et frate Angelo procuratore pro quattrocento libre di cera, cioe torcie et facule dell'assequio della bona memoria de monsignore nostro de Roano pro bolognini quattro et mezo la libra venduta ad Juliano spitiale in Sancta Maria Rotonda nella portica de Pietro de Massimo .
Cagliari, for their part, are minus key midfielder Tiziano de Patre and have long since lost the air of invincibility they once had at their island base.
Certainly, the ideal position, following Congar, would be to recognize the same faith and dogmatic core in both traditions, East (Cappadocian and Byzantine: ek monou tou Patros dia tou Huiou ekporeuomenon - "the Spirit comes from the Father alone through the Son") and West (Latin and Alexandrian: ek tou Patros kai tou Huiou proion/qui ex Patre Filioque procedit - "the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son"), and interpret the formulae as "not contradictory theologoumena.
translates "Sicut ergo uerbum meum prolatum est sensui tuo, nec recessit a corde meo: sic illud uerbum prolatum est sensui nostro, nec recessit a patre quo" as "Just as my word, after being spoken, exists in your senses without leaving my mind, so the Word, when spoken, exists in the sense without leaving its father" (247); here even the theology of the Incarnation of the Word suffers from the odd translation.
Further, Dhamda block sub-divisional magistrate Rajesh Patre, after visiting the cow shelter confirmed the deaths and said that the cows died either due to starvation or lack of proper care.
Tenders are invited for Construction of I-Room and Toilet block for Sri,Raju S/o Gopa Patre/Raju S/o Shetba /Ramu S/o Shetba Patre /Ashok S/o Pundalik Patre/Vijay S/o Gopa Patre / Basavaraju S/o Sharanappa, at village Rajwal, / Smt,Sushila bai W/o Motiram /Mahadevi W/o Raju / Premala W/o Gurunath / Priyanka W/o Sunil / Sri,Babu S/o Shivappa Mang ,at Gulhalli / Sri,Babu S/o Bhima Talkeri / Bhimu S/o Siddappa Mang / Shivappa S/o Siddappa Mang /Srishail S/o Babu Mane / Srishail S/o Babu Mane /Babu S/o Shivlal Bhangi /Hanm
Vivek Patre (1), Sanjay Thulkar (2), Immaneni Satish Rao (3)
Notable tambien la remision montalvina, con fines absolutamente excentricos, a los escritos misticos dei siglo XVI (Di Patre, "Cuando la mistica").
The creator of short films like "Le Patre des Etoiles" (The Shepherd of the Stars) made in 2003, Cheikh said the selection was "unexpected.
Ja Williams, em "Libertino Patre Natus: True or False?
Summo igitur omnium patre ductore, ejusque genitricis immaculatae virginis Mariae praesidio invocato, pro praesenti actu expediendo assumo interpretandum canonem.
Tenders are invited for temporary slaughter house with support of bamboo, balli, tattar , patre for bakri eid festival 2017.
The four policemen are assistant sub-inspector Sukhruram Bhagat, constables Narendra Bhosale, Subhash Patre and B Toppo.