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a port city in western Greece in the northwestern Peloponnese on an inlet of the Ionian Sea


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Municipal authorities in the Greek city of Patras have removed the blue and gold flag of the European Union from the city's town hall, citing the 'hatred' locals feel toward the political-economic union, RIA Novosti reported.
IT'S easier to pop over to the Peloponnese with the launch of Ryanair's new twice-weekly summer flights from Stansted to Patras Araxos in the southern region of Greece.
Mr Hiles is seeking the release of original statements made to police by friends of Jonathan which proved crucial during the hearings in Patras earlier this year.
Panagiotis Kiekkas, Nursing Department, Highest Technological Educational Institute of Patras, Greece; Georgia Theodorakopoulou, Nursing Department, Highest Technological Educational Institute of Patras, Greece; Nikolaos Stefanopoulos, Highest Technological Educational Institute of Patras, Greece; Dimitrios Tsotas, Patras University Hospital, Greece; George I.
Ankit Patras, Prepared Foods Department, Ashtown Food Research Center, Teagasc, Oak Park, Carlow, Ireland; ?
The trial opened in the city of Patras with evidence from two of Mr Hiles' friends - one of whom was in the nightclub - and his father Denzil.
The affected people were identified as Imran, Javed and Patras and they all belong to Christian community.
Founded in 2008, the orchestra performed earlier in Ankara, Istanbul, Athens and Patras.
Starting Artificial Intelligence Researchers Symposium (4th: 2008: Patras, Greece) Ed.
5 magnitude tremor, centred near the port of Patras, west of Athens, hit in mid afternoon, damaging hundreds of buildings.
5 rattled the western Greek port of Patras, but causing no injuries or damage.
The tradition began with Stan Ion Patras, who died in 1977 and now occupies a place of honour facing the church.
This year, Luxembourg holds the title alongside Sibie, last year it was Patras in Greece, and Cork in 2005.
WHEN LAWRENCE DURRELL MET HENRY MILLER in Patras on the eve of World War II, he was eager to fight for Greece in imitation of Byron, who had died across the water not too far away, in Missolonghi, during the war of independence in the 1820s.