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a port city in western Greece in the northwestern Peloponnese on an inlet of the Ionian Sea


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Ibn-e-Insha and Patras Bukhari used satire and humour to portray the facets of our society's individualistic and collective chronicles.
(2) Department of Pediatric Surgery, Karamandaneion Children's Hospital, Patras, Greece
'The case against Sajid Masih, under charges of attempt to suicide, be withdrawn and investigations by JIT regarding the alleged torture and enforce sexual abuse against the Federal Investigation Agency personnel, be initiated on the complaints of Sajid and Patras.'
"But continuous incidents against Christians and other minorities give the impressions that we are not part of this country," he stated.He further demanded proper medical treatment to both Patras and Sajid and police protection to their families.
Patras Bukhari is one of the most proficient figures in the world of Urdu literature.
Municipal authorities in the Greek city of Patras have removed the blue and gold flag of the European Union from the city's town hall, citing the 'hatred' locals feel toward the political-economic union, RIA Novosti reported.
The project will run to a total cost of 94.6-million-euros and will be build by private investment company racetrack Patras SA, dpa reported.
"It was very long and we felt that the town was being flattened." Patras student Vassilis Lambropoulos said: "Once it stopped, the entire neighbourhood ran out into the streets and tried to call loved ones, but the networks had jammed, which added to the fear." Aphrodite Arachoviti, 22, added: "My life passed before my eyes.
Twin earthquakes of preliminary magnitudes of 5.4 and 5.5 rattled the western Greek port of Patras, but causing no injuries or damage.
International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (19th: 2007: Patras, Greece)
PATRAS, GREECE: On May 19, Lee Breuer debuts his new all-female Choephorae (The Libation Bearers) in Patras, Greece, under the aegis of Micocci Productions of New York City and PrimeArt S.A.
WHEN LAWRENCE DURRELL MET HENRY MILLER in Patras on the eve of World War II, he was eager to fight for Greece in imitation of Byron, who had died across the water not too far away, in Missolonghi, during the war of independence in the 1820s.
Connections are concerned about the drying ground for Patras, who represents a combination eager for a first taste of Festival success in trainer Micky Hammond and conditional rider Nathan Horrocks.