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American Revolutionary leader (born in Ireland) who was a member of the Constitutional Convention (1745-1806)

a city of northeastern New Jersey

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Josephs Medical Center in my hometown Paterson, New Jersey, their approach has shown dramatic results in keeping unnecessary opioids out of patients hands.
Examples include the Andean Peruvian nanny finding ways to maintain contact with kin in Peru, despite the surveillance and control of her white US employer, and rural, Andean Peruvians' use of annual Peruvian independence day celebrations in Paterson, New Jersey, to assert equality with their urban and whiter comigrants from Peru's capital, Lima.
1200 Madison is a 245,529 s/f institutional quality industrial building located immediately off Interstate 80 in Paterson, New Jersey.
Spages' Functional Medicine Practice in Paterson, New Jersey, is pleased to announce the success of their Type II Diabetes reversal program.
A persistent rumor of Muslims celebrating in Paterson, New Jersey, has cycled on the Internet for years.
She examines the histories and practices of their mobility, with discussion the Mantaro region's engagement with global markets and ways of life; how migrants navigate the world of document-fixers, loan sharks, travel agents, lawyers, notaries, and state bureaucrats to prepare for migration, and the role of race and class; the experiences of these migrants abroad as they try to remain connected to their families in Peru through videos and long-distance communication; and how they make claims to membership, rights, and belonging in the public sphere, using the example of the Peruvian Parade in Paterson, New Jersey, as well as the reactions of migrants to a violent incident in Urcumarca.
He was right about the dollar; right about the need to pay off the colonial debts; and right about the useful role the federal government could play in promoting industry in waterfall towns like Paterson, New Jersey.
purchased the grandfather clock from Isaac Schoonmaker in Paterson, New Jersey, .
Romeo's NY Pizza was born in Paterson, New Jersey in 1945.
Two years after losing a 1964 title fight to champion Joey Giardello, he was charged with the triple murder of three white men in Paterson, New Jersey.
3, 1929 in Paterson, New Jersey, son of the late Tommaso Tagliente and Maria (Belluardo) Tagliente.
Richard Lane (1933-2004), composer and pianist, was born in Paterson, New Jersey.
Bill Pascrell, an Italian-American from Paterson, New Jersey, who is lobbying Italian Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero to keep the consulate open.
the immediate need for action stems from a station assignment in television channel 37 to Paterson, New Jersey.
Gillan, the poet and director of the creative writing program at Binghamton University-SUNY, provides guidance that stems from her own experience as a working class, Italian-American wife and mother from Paterson, New Jersey.