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a lawsuit filed to determine the father of a child born out of wedlock (and to provide for the support of the child once paternity is determined)

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The entire paternity suit saga caused Matthew and his then wife Tina to divorce, ending three decades of their married life.
Pathak, Rohit Shekhar, who has filed the paternity suit, and his mother Ujjwala Sharma, amid tight security at his Dehradun residence.
Leguizamon filed a paternity suit against Lugo April 22, Paraguayan media reported.
This is a man who has spent years abusing his body with drugs, nearly died from a cocaine overdose in 2000, spent months in a psychiatric hospital and years on drug rehabilitation programmes, lost a paternity suit over a son he refused to acknowledge, famously fired on journalists outside his house, and has been involved in other sordid activities unfit for publication on the GDN's letters page.
These cases include the Ohio Innocence Project, which helped exonerate Robert McClendon after 18 years of incarceration, and the landmark paternity suit that identified Larry Birkhead as the biological father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter.
Comedian Chris Rock has testified that he hired Hollywood's so-called private eye to the stars to find incriminating information about a Hungarian model who filed a paternity suit against him.
224 Ill 2d 182, 863 NE2d 236 (2007), it is clear that Larry need not file with the Putative Father registry to pursue a paternity action, but only if his paternity suit predates any attempt by Howard to adopt Dannielynn.
Arthur is also challenging Smith's companion, Howard K Stern, for custody of Dannielynn, at the centre of a three-way paternity suit.
He produced DNA evidence showing he was not the children's father; claimed he had never received notice of the original summons; and pointed out that San Bernardino Country, where the mother had also filed for relief, had dropped its paternity suit against him.
White, who won a paternity suit against Khan in 1997, collapsed on Friday after hitting her head on the floor during a yoga class in California.
And when Garvey tried to run away from her once, she remarked: ``I think he thought it was the start of a paternity suit.
Gossip columns were well-fed with doubts over the validity of his later marriage to actress Paulette Goddard in China and a lengthy paternity suit in which he was declared the father of actress Joan Barry's child.
She recounts, "They wanted me to file a paternity suit, but the baby's father was living on the Chippewa Reservation in Minnesota and the tribe refused to intervene and have my husband accept the legal papers ne cessary for the lawsuit to proceed.
In fact it was a real life paternity suit that prompted him to write his number two hit Annie I'm Not Your Daddy in 1982.
Bill Clinton is cleared by DNA test in a paternity suit.