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an informal use of the Latin word for father

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Similar to these studies, Aaltomaa et al searched for iNOS expression in 82 patients with local prostate cancer and there was weak or strong expression of iNOS in 25 (31 Percent) and 56 (68 Percent) of the patients but they also could not find any significant association with tumor grade and iNOS expression patern.
Tip II mosaisizm-dama tahtasi patern keskin orta hat ayrimiyla birlikte bayrak benzeri alanlarla karakterizedir (1).
But "rights" arising from settlement defined a source of power that existed in some ways independently of the patern l discretion of British officers.
ampiyem tedavisi sonrasi 36 cocugun 3 aylik izlem suresi sonrasinda akciger fonksiyonlarini degerlendirmis, cocuklarin %91'inin restriktif patern gosterdi gini, 1 yillik izlem sonrasinda buyuk cogunlugunda normal akciger fonksiyonlarinin saptandigini bildirmislerdir (12).
Pigment patern of prosoma poorly developed, area between the ocular tubercle and the lateral eyes almost unpigmented (Fig.
Florin]-], describe the 'fundamentalist' patern that promotes buying or selling, depending on whether the current price is lower or higher than the fundamental value of the asset.
In public meetings, information fliers and on letters pages, the local citizenry appeared to object more to patern alistic, transparent programs of social control than it did to the presence of bikers or panhandlers.
The Gibson piece was called French Countryside, and although it was not identical to the Mikasa patern, it was similar, said Matt Petrillo, chief financial officer of Mikasa.
My only correct action was to fly a VFR, semicircular patern.
The face of the disc is bristled in a spiked patern.
Taking cover under a white cloth napkin placed over his head - "which is meant to heighten the sensual experience by enveloping you in the aroma of ortolan" - the dying man took the illegal delicacy and ate it whole, bones and all, according to Mr Patern iti .
When the pattern of price increases switched to a December and June pattern of price increases in place of the previous January and July patern, the change could not be adequately reflected in seasonally adjusted data through conventional X-11 methodology.
This patern reflects the tendency, discussed earlier, for affiliates to be highly specialized.