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the prayer that Christ gave his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:9-13)

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Canyon Creek's Pater Noster is the first in the United States and the largest in the world at 190-feet-long and 24-feet-wide, with 140 trays attached to a chain that serpentines around a series of gears.
During his stay the priest prepared a dying woman for baptism with a presumably abbreviated catechism and three core texts of the Catholic Church, the Pater Noster, or "Our Father," the Ave Maria, or "Hail Mary," and the Credo, or "Apostles' Creed.
A translation of Cusanus's sermon on the Pater noster leads off, orienting the reader to Nicholas's themes and style.
Desiderius Erasmus, A Devout Treatise Upon the Pater Noster, trans.
Letters from the Sator-Rotas word square form a cross of the Latin words for "Our Father" Pater Noster .
Pater Noster wins the Group 2 Premio Ribot in Rome.
The first is the Pater Noster expounded in verse and thereby enacted.
Liturgy is much more than the words uttered in the Pater Noster, just as dance is much more than one choreographed step.
When this appeal to reason failed to persuade his troops, d'Elbee offered an inspired appeal to their Christian conscience: He agreed to let them conduct their bloody reprisal after praying the Pater Noster (also known as "The Lord's Prayer").
845, 846: These are actually the same work, with opening and closing paragraphs omitted in 845, where the exposition of the Pater Noster is part of a larger compilation.
Other pieces in the evening's programme include Verdi's Pater Noster - an unaccompanied piece for five-part choir, Finzi's My Spirit Sang all Day - an expressive setting of a poem by Robert Bridges, and Rheinberger's Abenleid - a moving performance of Luke 24:29.
The former site of Pater Noster High School in Glassell Park, near the Glendale and Golden State freeways.
Experts at York University say the Pater Noster Gild roll has offered up important clues about the origins of the famous Mystery Plays which take place in the city.
r] An exposition of the Lord's Prayer, '[thorn]e Pater Noster of Richard Ermyte'.
Euvres completes I: Pater noster et Petit oeuvre devot.