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the male head of family or tribe

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E a maior luta foi a travada em torno da mulher por quem a rua ansiava, mas a quem o pater familias do sobrado procurou conservar o mais possivel trancada na camarinha e entre as molecas, como nos engenhos; sem que ela saisse nem para fazer compras (FREYRE, 2004, p.
In spite of his strong feelings for the plight of poor children, his undeniable generosity, both spiritual and financial, he was very much the Victorian pater familias, with the poor as his dependents.
Thus we have a like able and largely entertaining sequel to Meet The Parents that wrings its laughs from transplanting de Niro's ice cool pater familias into an alien setting where he suddenly feels out of place.
The sometimes subtle, sometimes brutally direct control of this public/private corporal arena has been wielded by a range for dominators, from the pater familias to our sexual/emotional partners and even our children; by teachers in school; by priests, doctors and judges; by the State and its institutions; even by the communications media.
Calculatedly homespun, cunningly low-key, Thomas was the type of reassuring pater familias whose presence on the TV screen assured Americans that there was still room in this society for folksiness and tradition, that we weren't going to hell in a hand-basket.
Orators present marriage not only as compatible with the philosopher's way of life but also as a prerequisite for a wise prince, who marries in order to fulfill his role as pater familias and pater patriae.
Even in the middle-class home the behaviour of pater familias did not always match the ideal.
When car makers saw the advantage of building trunks into their cars, Shapiro pater familias had to quickly adapt.
Even though the pater familias denies claims made by Peter Biskind in his unauthorised biography, Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America , his score of 12,275 women has come to be etched in our collective imagination.