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the male head of family or tribe

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In my opinion, the aforementioned cases signal that we should make a distinction between the executor of the estate/the new pater familias and, on the other hand, the person who continued the commercial enterprises of the deceased.
Se vislumbra asi, tras la figura prototipica del pater familias, la imagen del padre como dios, especificamente aquella del arquetipo masculino encarnado en el padre de los dioses y los hombres: Zeus.
He was part of our family celebrations for decades, an adopted pater familias.
But culturally interpreted, Georg Lethem the elder seems the very model of the Aryan German, the mythic version and then the nightmare version: tall, blond, handsome, brilliant, a born leader, ambitious to make his name as a scientist and explorer (to the North Pole), and a fiercely authoritarian, unsentimental, unemotional pater familias who experiments on his own son, once forcing Georg as a child (ostensibly in order make him fearless) to spend three nights locked in a room with rats, Georg the elder's bete noir.
Readers familiar with Shua's earlier microfiction will recognize some of her hallmarks: hints of eroticism; gentle stabs at masochistic characters (exemplified by Ernesto's sister, Cora, who has never untangled herself from the household and whose pleasures in life are seemingly few); settings that are firmly grounded in reality even as they are subtly altered to seem otherworldly; and the enticing, dark sensibility that allows serious events to vault off the page, such as the institutionalized care of an aging pater familias serving as fodder for a staged kidnapping, or the aftermath of a home invasion leading to a girlfriend's affair.
s pater familias, agreed with a Fox Business News anchor who called it his "No.
En Roma durante los primeros siglos de la Republica las mujeres, por lo general, respetaban las normas juridicas establecidas, continuaban sometidas al poder y control del varon: primero al pater familias, despues al marido y en ausencia de ambos se le adjudicaba un tutor.
I think that it is the expectation of the European taxpayer that this money will be used, to quote a term from Roman law, in the way of a bonus pater familias ("the good head of household"), which, in modern terms, you could call good governance.
At the heart of the study are young men with a "decentred" status with regards to the pater familias, the cornerstone of social order.
Pater familias Lyman Beecher, an evangelical reformer in the Calvinist tradition, transmitted his restless energy to ten offspring who survived to adulthood.
El conflicto del pater familias Richard Hoover, descendiente directo aunque ya muy edulcorado de Billy Lowman (La muerte de un viajante), queda afuera, su funcion estriba en su discurso, su trivial religion de perdedores y ganadores que no le impide, sin embargo, guiar y llevar a la familia a buen termino.
Lisbeth was "taken under the wing" of the Longmore family and worked for the pater familias Dr Longmore, another long-lived GP, whose practice she ultimately took over in Walsall when he retired from active work in his early 90's.
In spite of his strong feelings for the plight of poor children, his undeniable generosity, both spiritual and financial, he was very much the Victorian pater familias, with the poor as his dependents.
New Orleans is the pater familias of three cuisine forces: restaurants, fusion and the embrace of local food culture.
Thus we have a like able and largely entertaining sequel to Meet The Parents that wrings its laughs from transplanting de Niro's ice cool pater familias into an alien setting where he suddenly feels out of place.