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the government bureau in the Department of Commerce that keeps a record of patents and trademarks and grants new ones

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The EPO and the Chinese Patent Office (CPO), the forerunner of the SIPO, signed their first formal co-operation agreement in 1985.
Intellectual property protection will be promoted by Ministry s strategy and constructing on ongoing cooperation with the Austrian Patent Office established in 2000 by a cooperation agreement.
The six-year MoU was signed by Ministry of Economy Undersecretary Mohammed Ahmed Al Shehhi and Austrian Patent Office president Friedrich Rodler in Vienna.
But in a win for Glaxo, the federal circuit said the patent office could not implement a rule limiting ordinary continuations to two because that rule conflicted with a portion of the Patent Act.
His last Patent Office activity was to represent the United Kingdom at a seminar on patents in developing countries, organised by the United Nations at The Hague.
campaign for growing businesses from the Patent Office, the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents and Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, highlights how businesses can benefit from their intellectual property rights.
Vancouver, Canada) announced that each of the parties who opposed the grant of Angiotech's European Patent 706 376 in 1998 has irrevocably withdrawn, or abandoned its opposition efforts before the European Patent Office, leaving the patent valid and enforceable.
Times have changed, explains Shigeo Takakura, senior chief examiner at the Japan Patent Office and counselor for intellectual property rights policy in the Cabinet Office.
Ortec International (Nasdaq:ORTC), New York, has successfully defended an opposition filed with the European Patent Office by Advanced Tissue Sciences, Inc.
The World Intellectual Property Organization will sponsor a meeting of patent office chiefs from 12 Asian countries in Tokyo on Tuesday, the Patent Office said Monday.
The ICT and Financial Services industries in the UK are to tell the Patent Office their opinions on the patenting of software and business methods.
It would reorganize the patent office, now under the Commerce Department, as a government-owned corporation funded by application fees rather than federal subsidies.
This scenario, says Caskey, is "going to happen time and time again" if the patent office rules that human gene fragments of unknown biological function can be "owned.
The three databases in the series - PATOSDE, PATOSEP and PATOSWO - contain more than two million patents from the German Patent Office, the European Patent Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization, respectively.
Grant Street Group's patent has been undergoing reexamination since the Patent Office found a substantial new question of its patentability this past April.