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mollusk with a low conical shell

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Recruitment in the intertidal limpet Lottia digitalis (Patellogastropoda: Lottiidae) may be driven by settlement cues associated with adult habitat.
Within the Patellogastropoda, the spermatozoa of shal-low-water or intertidal species from four families, Patellidae, Nacellidae, Lottiidae, and Eoacmaeidae, have been described (Azevedo, 1981; Koike, 1985; Hodgson and Bernard, 1988, 1989; Hodgson and Chia, 1993; Hodgson, 1995; Hodgson et al., 1996; Buckland-Nicks and Howley, 1997; Hodgson and Morton, 1998; Ridgway et al., 2000).
Mineralisation in the teeth of limpets Patelloida alticostata and Scutellastra laticostata (Mollusca: Patellogastropoda).
Ultrastructure of the ovary and oogenesis in six species of patellid limpets (Gastropoda: Patellogastropoda) from South Africa.
Spermatozoan morphology of 19 species of prosobranch limpets (Patellogastropoda) with a discussion of patellid relationships.
Among gastropods, a long cohesive tuft of non-vibratile cilia arising from the center of the larval apical epidermis has been reported only for members of the Patellogastropoda (Smith, 1935; Dictus and Damen, 1997; Wanninger et al., 1999, 2000), which is currently viewed as the most basal clade of extant gastropods (Haszprunar, 1988; Ponder and Lindberg, 1997).
Torsion in Patella caerulea (Mollusca, Patellogastropoda); ontogenetic process, timing, and mechanisms.
based on the retention of ancestral characters in its radular apparatus (docoglossate radula), the order Patellogastropoda (= Docoglossa) - including the Acmaeidae and Patellidae - is considered to be the earliest offshoot of Gastropoda (Haszprunar, 1988; McLean, 1990).