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intertidal + subtidal rocky/coral reefs Acmaeidae and Patellidae intertidal rocky Bivalves Chama sp.
Within the Patellogastropoda, the spermatozoa of shal-low-water or intertidal species from four families, Patellidae, Nacellidae, Lottiidae, and Eoacmaeidae, have been described (Azevedo, 1981; Koike, 1985; Hodgson and Bernard, 1988, 1989; Hodgson and Chia, 1993; Hodgson, 1995; Hodgson et al.
A cladistic phylogeny of the family Patellidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda).
based on the retention of ancestral characters in its radular apparatus (docoglossate radula), the order Patellogastropoda (= Docoglossa) - including the Acmaeidae and Patellidae - is considered to be the earliest offshoot of Gastropoda (Haszprunar, 1988; McLean, 1990).
The structure of the unreacted acrosome is similar to that described for some Patellidae (Hodgson and Bernard, 1988; Hodgson, 1995) but is closest to that of the Lottiidae (Hodgson and Chia, 1993), all of which are characterized by an acrosomal vesicle with an invaginated posterior lobe that protrudes into the subacrosomal space.