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a staff surmounted by a crook or cross carried by bishops as a symbol of pastoral office


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To support students, we have a counsellor and pastoral staff available who will offer help and guidance in the coming days and weeks, supported where appropriate by specialist professionals.
What started as a hashtag on a Facebook and Instagram post by Elim Church in Bangor, where Tim is on the pastoral staff, has become a global phenomenon.
Pope Francis, holding his pastoral staff, arrives in the seafront Galle Face Green for the canonization ceremony of Joseph Vaz, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Wednesday, Jan.
St Hilda is generally depicted wearing a black Benedictine habit, sometimes covered with a colourful robe, holding a pastoral staff in one hand while cradling Whitby Abbey in her other arm.
Confidence and maturity are nurtured by experienced academic and pastoral staff, along with an atmosphere of opportunity, enquiry, equality, diversity and excellent structures of care for our students.
After engaging moral philosophers and political theorists, he claims that churches and other religious institutions, with their master narratives, trained pastoral staff, and political independence, are well suited to communicate constructive narratives and moral visions about war.
TV Host Matt Mosier Announces Departure from KARK Will join pastoral staff of New Life Church in North Little Rock.
While teachers and pastoral staff were providing the necessary care and support to youngsters about the A levels to study or, for leavers, preparing to leave for university, the school's support staff were working flat out to complete some great new buildings.
As per tradition, Welby will strike the door three times with his pastoral staff, after which Willis will open the door to welcome him.
Griego also was a former member of the pastoral staff at Calvary, a Christian church in Albuquerque.
Otis Moss III and the pastoral staff members started rapid-testing themselves from the pulpit.
The Bishop will later join the Lord Mayor to open the Frankfurt Market in Victoria Square where he will be carrying the pastoral staff given to the Bishop of Birmingham by lay people of the city on November 17 in 1911.
Being at least somewhat known to the parish pastoral staff, I did not feel comfortable going to confession there.
Several other churches have also seen the vision to have a registered nurse on their pastoral staff and this is exciting.
There was much argument about what to do until one monk took the pastoral staff of the Bishop of Rochester, who was performing the burial service, and drew it along the top of the coffin.