Pastinaca sativa

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a strong-scented plant cultivated for its edible root

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Population demography of Pastinaca sativa (Apiaceae): effects of seed mass on emergence, survival, and recruitment.
The root vegetable Pastinaca sativa is better known as what?
Hendrix (1979) and Hendrix and Trapp (1989) observed the effects of larvae of Depressaria pastinacella (Duponchel) (Oecophoridae) feeding on the flowers of Pastinaca sativa L.
He gave the scientific name Daucus carota for the carrot and Pastinaca sativa for the parsnip.
The impact of floral herbivory by parsnip webworm (Oecophoridae, Depressaria pastinacella Duponchel) on pollination and fitness of wild parsnip (Apiaceae, Pastinaca sativa L).