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Synonyms for pastille

Synonyms for pastille

a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throat

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With redesigned packaging in a convenient vertical format for easier selection, Droste have also added two new pastille varieties: Extra Creamy and Extra Dark 72% (containing 72% cocoa solids) to their existing 11 variety range.
The Rowntrees pastilles have been produced at York for 150 years using an old- fashioned recipe.
uk was formed by two primary school teachers, Martin Cutting, 27, and Andrew Chadwick, 23, during a boring train journey where they handed out fruit pastilles to cheer everyone up.
Sovchem IPPD Pastilles are being marketed by this international chemical distributor.
Question: How many tons of Fruit Pastilles does the Fawdon factory produce every year?
The new gains include the Dutch Droste brand, with their well known chocolate pastilles and tablets but also a new range of handmade pralines and truffles; the relaunch of Meltis New Berry Fruits, including the cash and carry sector; and the South African Beacon brand of 'liquorice alisorts' and marshmallows.
Chewing gum was the number one sweet, with Wrigley's Extra out in front of Polo mints and Rowntree's fruit pastilles.
It has launched a box of traditional French fruit pastilles, Pates de Fruits, which contains six flavours: apple, blackcurrant, mandarin, passion fruit, quince and raspberry.
The Kit Kat-to-Perrier giant, which employs 660 staff making Rolos and Fruit Pastilles at Fawdon, Newcastle, said a good start to 2004 should enable it to achieve its targets for the year.
Finally, unlike pastilles, the molten resin does not produce dust, dramatically reducing the amount of time that must be spent cleaning the factory, according to the company.
The M25 is the most "feared" motorway, followed by the M6 and the M1, while three in four travellers are likely to carry fruit pastilles and mints on journeys.
In fact, a selection of individual product packs, such as ToffeeCrisp, Fruit Pastilles, Kit Kat and Smarties, were also reproduced on the sleeve with almost photographic quality, and the large surface area provides ample space on which to list details of the enclosed products and suggestions for the capsule's use.
MANCHESTER City boss Roberto Mancini might have the blues but an eight-year-old fan put a smile on his face with a pack of fruit pastilles.
Kicking off this month on Kit Kat, Aero, Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles, Yorkie and other brands, the initiative will get support from a 6.
Voice of the Mirror: Page 8 1881 first Fruit Pastilles made at Joseph Rowntree's Tyneside factory.