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Synonyms for pastel

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any of various pale or light colors

lacking in body or vigor

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delicate and pale in color

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If the thought of dolly mixing these sugary hues feels daunting, look for ombre, graduated washes of pastels that move from one pastel into another on a dress or top - like elegant tie-dye for grown-ups.
The products come in pastel colors and fun shapes that range from traditional Easter favorites to brand-new items, according to Sebastian Siethoff, seasonal marketing manager for Wrigley.
* Pearlescent effects are achieved in the "Lustre" line of PC compounds in five different pastels, including pink and white.
"There were a lot of pastels and pinks," she said, also pointing to Florea as a noteworthy introduction.
Pastel y prett Ice-cream shades are always a sweet choice for spring.
Alternatively, I love the Funk Rug, which also illustrates the perfect harmony between pastels and geometrics.
With graceful curves and gold accent legs, it's a sophisticated take on pastels. Incredibly versatile, the Camille chair works well in a simple pared-back space, yet the subtle shade of this chair also means that it will sit comfortably in a room already filled with colour.
Then I discovered gray-tone pastels. A box of them contains a white and a black pastel, along with four shades of gray from light to dark--more than enough gray values for this project.
Pastel stripe rug, Next Who says pastels have to be boring?
This week's Get the Look is decorating with pastels. Pastels are renowned for this time of year, their soft nurturing hues brighten and warm our moods.
Avoid black with pastels - you'll look like a Liquorice Allsort, and your whole outfit will appear dull.
But steer away from black with pastels - you'll look like a Liquorice Allsort, and your whole outfit will look dull.
Maichack will provide insight into O'Keeffe's life and painting methods, demonstrate how to use pastels (as participants follow along), and coach participants as they attempt their own pastel paintings in O'Keeffe's style.
If you're aching to shake up your style, pastels provide a blast of fresh air, and you can easily slot in pale pieces if your usual colour spectrum doesn't encompass much beyond black and grey.
Dolce & Gabbana's Bouquet collection make-up is full of flirtatious pastels to echo the shimmering ones seen on the runway.