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Synonyms for overdue

Synonyms for overdue

not being on time

Synonyms for overdue

past due


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Rates of past-due debt are generally highest in southern and western states, and lowest in the upper Midwest.
As a result, processing costs nave Deeri cut, DSO has been reduced by 15 days, and past-due AR has been significantly pared.
One of the major causes of past-due receivables is that the facility has not defined clearly to its residents/responsible parties and business-office staff when the accounts are to be paid.
We also ask arrears clients for a series of postdated checks (for any amounts) for as much as a year in advance, so the past-due balances can be settled gradually.
1993), a Federal District Court recently rejected a refund suit by Emily Oatman filed when the IRS had intercepted the refund from the Oatmans' jointly filed 1990 tax return and applied it to past-due child support for her husband's children from a previous marriage.
The net charge-off and past-due rates for loans made by commercial finance subsidiaries are compared with net charge-off and past-due rates on commercial and industrial loans made by the bank subsidiaries of the same bank holding company.
banking industry's 2006 year-end reserve levels to prove inadequate for deteriorating credit risk profiles, the fourth-quarter rise in delinquencies included a troubling increase in the emerging 30- to 89-day past-due category.
It also said that past-due payments dropped to their lowest point of the year.
Consider a case where a company's working capital is deteriorating due to an increase in past-due accounts receivable (A/R).
In many businesses, the largest percentage of past-due credit customers haven't paid because of unidentified and unresolved problems.
Capital requirements, proper accounting for past-due loans and vigilance against incestuous lending has resulted in increasingly reliable numbers from the countries' financial institutions.
In return, city officials agreed to waive more than $416,000 in past-due storm-water fees assessed to the districts beginning in 1994, said Jeff Lambert, Santa Clarita's director of planning and building services.
Taxpayers no longer have to pay interest for certain past-due tax liabilities when the IRS is responsible for unreasonable errors or delays while a case is being processed.
However, the bank's past-due loans are somewhat higher than the sector average, reflecting the riskier market segments it targets.