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Synonyms for overdue

Synonyms for overdue

not being on time

Synonyms for overdue

past due


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If you have systematically pursued your past-due accounts for 60 to 90 days from the due date, and they remain unpaid, you are being delivered a message.
6402(c), under which the Service can reduce any Federal tax refund by the amount of past-due child support owed by a taxpayer.
The trends of rising delinquencies and deteriorating asset quality in all asset-quality indicators, including OREO, charge-offs, 90+ past dues and non-accruals, and the 30- to 89-day past-due increases, lends further credence to the troubling aspect of the reserve levels being the lowest since 1985.
For customers, segmentation may be based on criteria including, profitability, sales, A/R size, past-due debt, average order size and frequency.
In return, city officials agreed to waive more than $416,000 in past-due storm-water fees assessed to the districts beginning in 1994, said Jeff Lambert, Santa Clarita's director of planning and building services.
This eliminates the "due date" criterion from the definition but does not change the 60-day collection deadline for due or past-due status.
However, the bank's past-due loans are somewhat higher than the sector average, reflecting the riskier market segments it targets.
Pay the entire past-due balance shown on the bill; - Pay past-due default amount if a customer is on a special payment plan; - Pay $175; - If a customer's service has already been disconnected, the customer must pay the $175, and an applicable reconnection fee to restore service.
What Hahn described, in addressing the past-due payment issue, is overdue money owed to the city of Los Angeles.
Ataxpayer's refund can be used to pay all or part of his or her spouse's past-due income taxes, other federal debts or arrears for child or spousal support payments.
also told its collection agency to stop trying to collect Suzanne Gordon's past-due bill and return the case to the utility, said spokesman Gary Donnelly.
The EITF also reached a consensus that a security received in a restructuring in settlement of a claim for only the past-due interest on a loan should be measured at the security's fair value at the restructuring date and accounted for in a manner consistent with the entity's policy for recognizing cash received for past-due interest.
Third-Party Program - A program which protects past-due customers, especially physically challenged or older adults, whose gas service may be terminated.
Past-due loans remain within Agricola's target of 2% of total loans (1.
Nasdaq: RYFL) ("Family"), regarding past-due royalty fees, future royalty fees and other operational matters.