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Synonyms for preterite

a term formerly used to refer to the simple past tense


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In the case of durst, this form is used here to refer to the conditional and past simple uses.
001 in the use of the progressive in the present and past simple and modal construction.
I was able to look past simple observations of rocks and begin to tell their struggles--my perception had changed from recognizing words to writing novels.
Their grammar might be better than mine; they can tell you what the past simple or continuous present is but ask them for an example and they block.
Food safety research has changed during the past decade, moving past simple surveillance procedures to asking complex questions relative to public health.
Yesterday the stealth sub, skippered by Cmdr Andy Coles, spent 10 hours in full view of passers-by after sailing past simple buoys that warn sailors of shallow water.
Mr Haycock said the council had to look past simple economics in a bid to boost trade in the city centre.
Similarly, in language learning, if learners are not familiar with the past simple tense, we are unlikely to introduce the past perfect tense.
The answers to the blanks were verbs used with the past simple and the present simple tense forms.
Some exhibitors, for example, question the number of "beginner" sessions on the program, feeling that the market has matured to the extent that everyone is looking for an enterprise solution that is way past simple text, nay, verging on artificial intelligence.
A documentary about a seemingly contradictory notion--gay hip-hop--"Pick Up the Mic" edges past simple curiosity value based on the likability, forthrightness and performance skills of the talent it spotlights.
MARC Global notes that the partnership is designed to help move customers past simple RFID compliance and into deployments that will lead to a measurable return on investment.
What the minister said was that we need to get past simple discussions of straight jurisdiction.
Xerox sees the value of a document past simple imaging and rendering and into the transactive realm of the new enterprise.