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Synonyms for pal

Synonyms for pal

a person whom one knows well, likes, and trusts

one who shares interests or activities with another

Synonyms for pal

a close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activities

become friends

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With the imposition of the NIIT, however, and the renewed importance of the passive activity loss rules, Treasury granted taxpayers a one-time opportunity to regroup activities during the first taxable year in which the taxpayer meets the applicable NIIT income threshold and has NII.
The Passive Activity Loss Rules and the Unrelated Business
Therefore, the passive activity loss that can be deducted this year is $80,000.
If the activity is disposed of in a fully taxable (as opposed to tax-deferred) transaction to an unrelated party, both current and suspended passive activity losses generated by that activity (as well as any loss on the disposition) can be deducted (Sec.
In working with the passive activity loss rules, taxpayers must first determine if they own an activity that is subject to the rules.
On audit, the IRS disallowed Hardy's passive activity loss deductions for 2008 to 2010.
When an S corporation's stock becomes worthless, shareholders are treated as having disposed of their entire interest in the S corporation for passive activity loss purposes, allowing the shareholders to deduct suspended passive losses from the S corporation without regard to the passive activity loss rules.
Many developers are unable to effectively utilize tax credits because of alternative minimum tax requirements and passive activity loss limitations.
Thi tax planning program allows formore than one multi-year tax projection in a single plan, lets users project tax liability for up to 16 years and handles passive activity loss limitation rules, calculates lump sum distributions and the alternative minimum tax.
CPA tax practitioners who have clients involved in a real estate rental trade or business are no doubt aware of the rule allowing $25,000 of passive losses from rental real estate to be deducted against nonpassive income and the 750-hour material participation rule for qualifying as a real estate professional under the passive activity loss rules.
The passive activity loss limitation must be computed using the regular tax provisions and, separately, using the AMT provisions.
"Because this LLC is treated as a partnership," he said, "the passive activity loss rules will apply to the Members of the LLC, and if there is a particular member not participating, they will suspend LLC losses at the member level and not use them.
469(a) generally disallows any passive activity loss for the tax year.
Unlike a suspended passive activity loss, which is deductible upon the disposition of the taxpayer's interest in the activity, disallowed passive activity credits will not be able to be used after the disposition of the interest unless the taxpayer has passive income from other activities.