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sweet wine from grapes partially sun-dried on the vine or on straw mats

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Pues cantais dulces endechas, con nunca usados primores, que, siendo de el cielo flores, tambien sois de el campo estrellas, no le desperteis con ellas, al sol que io adoro, quedito el rumor, que duerme mi amado, pasito la voz, i ya que le dais este alivio pequeno, Quedito, passito, que duerme mi dueno, quedito, passito, que duerme mi amor.
Salga el mas dulce jilguero y el ruisenor peregrino, y ambos alaben en trino al que es un Dios verdadero, pero no sea parlero el dulce gorgeo, el canto veloz, que ya que esta dado, todo a su pasion; reprimid la voz en canto alaguero, Quedito, passito, que duerme mi dueno, quedito, passito, que duerme mi amor (cf.
28) Guevara emplea el simil de la arana para demostrar la necesaria perspicacia que debe tener el principe: "El emperador en Roma es como la arana en medio de la tela, do si un estremo de aguja toca a un estremo de la tela, por passito que sea luego lo siente el arana" (Relox, I.
This time-honored method of concentrating the grapes' sugars, a technique called passito in Italian, was widely practiced in Soave.
Like most of his contemporaries, Grenet hopes to produce a comparatively small number of bottles each year for select, upscale vendors--much like Carole Bouquet, Depardieu's longtime girlfriend, who in less than five years has succeeded in a creating a white wine, Passito (6,000 bottles a year at $33 a bottle), which sells at luxury hotels like the Hyatt-Vendome in Paris.
Anna di Isola Calabria Capo Rizzato, Savuto, Pellaio, Soluto, Lamezia, Bianco di Squillace Etna (Bianco, Bianco Superiore, Rosso Rosato), Marsala,Moscato di Pantelleria Naturale o Passito di Pantelleria, Bianco Sicilia Alcamo, Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Moscato di Siracusa, Faro, Malvasia delle Lipari, Draceno, Albanello di Siracusa, Eloro, Regaleali
Desserts were first class: vanilla parfait with rhubarb, and lemon meringue pie, paired with a honey mascato passito from the Veneto.
We then moved to the ALBANA DI ROMAGNA PASSITO DOCG 2009, FATTORIA MONTICINO ROSSO from 100% Albana, which had floral honeysuckle notes on the nose and bold on the palate.
Groups can also get private tours and tastings, while club members can taste in the Passito Room.
A rich hazelnut torte with zabaglione was accompanied by Passito di Caluso, a sweet wine made from dried grapes.
These include simply extended hang time (in our area, without leaves and without a whole lot of heat), Passito and appassimento techniques (both on-vine and in specially designated buildings), and techniques involving cane twisting and slashing to produce a more rapid desiccation.
The wine that made all this possible is a sweet Passito, a high-alcohol, well-aged wine made from raisined grapes.
Wine production will be based on age-old Veronese techniques-the Corvina grapes will be dried in the traditional passito manner before being vinified.