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a play representing the Passion of Christ

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"The Liverpool Passion will bring together people of all faiths, and none, to tell this historical and educational story, while also uniting with other communities across the UK staging their own passion plays. Featuring realistic scenes, Bayes we hope to produce a truly memorable Easter experience."
She said the Passion play was an annual event that enacted the toiling that Jesus endured on his road to Calvary.
Despite his violent reputation in the community, he was assigned various roles in the passion play through the years.
"In modern times, a passion play provides a creative and immediate way for people to re-engage with familiar stories "It's the Gospel on tour; it doesn't get better than that!"
The tracks are "Paradise Painting" (4:05), "Prophecy" (3:57), "Sounds Like a Smell" (4:02), "A Passion Play (revisited)" (4:31), "Carpe Diem" (4:59), "Sister" (4:47), "Diving Into The Deep" (3:30), "New Day" (3:16), "Teguise" (4:07), "Two Worlds" (5:06), "She's So ..." (4:07), "Invisible Man" (2:47), and "End Of A Concert" (3:30).
Contract notice: Notice of kg-shareholding, a ticket and booking system and related services for the passion play of oberammergau 2020.
In the last 10 years alone, three prominent Passion plays have closed their doors for good — the Black Hills Passion Play in South Dakota, the Atlanta Passion Play and the Glory of Easter at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove.
IZTAPAIAPA, MEXICO -- Since the mid-19th century, the community of Iztapalapa, east of Mexico City, has celebrated Easter with a weeklong Passion Play that today has become one of the biggest theater performances in the world.
ON GOOD Friday 2011 Michael Sheen's spectacular, three-day Passion Play in Port Talbot not only typified the steel town's untiring energy and spirit it sent positive images of the community beaming around the world.
As part of the event, 14 shopping trolleys had been turned into coal trucks to represent the area's mining heritage and had been decorated to depict the 14 stations of the cross in a passion play.
More than 300 people packed St Matthew's Church in Silksworth, Sunderland to be part of the Great Community Passion, where fourteen shopping trolleys had been turned into coal trucks and decorated to depict the fourteen stations of the cross in a passion play with a difference.
Cemetery passion play A North East cemetery is to once again play host to an evocative Easter performance.
Last week, an Oxfordshire council cancelled its annual Passion Play because the council employee dealing with it thought a Passion Play must be a sex-fest, for which a licence would take time to get.
AN Aberdeenshire head teacher takes on the role of Judas in the Aberdeen Passion Play this Easter.
A TRADITIONAL Lent Passion Play will be performed at Coventry Cathedral.