Passion Week

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the week before Easter

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It is certain to prepare the audience for the forthcoming Passion Week," he said.
of four sacred concertos, a genre that figured prominently in the composer's output from very early on; (2) individual hymns from the All-Night Vigil (combined Vespers and Matins): (3) his opus 58 music for Passion Week (13 numbers); and (4) the composer's opus 59 All-Night Vigil service (Icn numbers).
Suddenly they discovered they were in the midst of a mysterious experience taking them back in time to a Jerusalem at the beginning of Passion Week.
Charles Jennens, the librettist for the piece, intended it for Passion Week, which, in its three parts, was to celebrate the totality of the Christian faith, and not just the Nativity story.
Rossini's Stabat Mater is a setting of a sequence from the Roman liturgy for Passion Week describing the agonies of Jesus' Mother at the foot of the Cross.
They participate in a Palm Sunday that has no Passion Week to follow.
The authentication of the new manuscript will require careful, meticulous academic scrutiny; even if it is authentic, it may not materially alter any christian understanding of the events of Passion Week.
Would it not be better for us, during a quiet hour by ourselves in or after Passion Week, to read the chapters about Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection in God's word?
To Passion week we bring along our own anguish, our personal humiliations and fears, our betrayals, losses, and loneliness.
The musical spectacular chronicles the events of Passion Week with clarity and accuracy.
In the tradition of the Catholic Church, the last two weeks of Lent form the season called Passion Time, the first week, which begins today known as Passion Week, while the second week, which begins next Sunday, March 29, known as the Holy Week.
Baselius Marthoma Paulose II, Catholicose of the East and Malankara Metropolitan and head of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, will lead the Passion Week services.
Time Topic 7:00 Beirut Maronite Bishopric Passion Week with Bishop Boulos Matar officiating over mass service - St.
Perhaps this little girl's question has stuck with me so much because, for the past several years, I have been watching Jesus Christ Superstar during Passion Week.
We've been at this holy place since last Saturday and we want to be here for Passion Week.