Passion Sunday

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second Sunday before Easter

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The origin of Carlin Sunday is believed to come from a town on the North-east coast, perhaps Hartlepool or Saltburn, which was short of food when a ship carrying a cargo of the peas was wrecked on Passion Sunday.
Passion Sunday is the final Sunday of Lent before the start of the Holy Week on Palm Sunday, April 13.
Close contact with the gritty, visceral needs of the sick has made me more alert to our singular focus on Christ's body from Passion Sunday to Easter.
Also called Passion Sunday, today recalls Jesus Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, where he was welcomed like a king by a crowd who laid palm leaves on his path while singing Hosanna, a Hebrew word that means praise or joy.
It is known by various other names such as Passion Sunday, Willow Sunday and Flower Sunday.
St James Parish Church Holy Communion service for Passion Sunday was led by Rev Robin Townsend, assisted by Raymond Denton.
Passion Sunday * At school my chemistry master was a man of few words.
Whether it's called Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday in a given congregation, worship planners are challenged with how to approach the robust narrative of Christ's Passion.
On this Passion Sunday, the Jesus portrayed in John is calmly aware of the events that await him.
He hit the headlines two years ago by ringing the bell during a Villa match scheduled for Passion Sunday morning in complaint at the way free access to worship was being compromised for local congregations.
Her request for an audience was denied, and she was only able to write the Pope (who later did issue an encyclical condemning Nazi racism, Mit Brennender Sorge, which was read in German churches on Passion Sunday 1937).
Faller, founder of Kamay ni Hesus healing center in Lucban, Quezon, said Palm Sunday should remind the faithful of Christs Passion: His suffering and death, which is why it is also called Passion Sunday.
Known by various other names such as Passion Sunday, Willow Sunday and Flower Sunday, the day commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
Jewish leaders react hotly to pope's sermon for Passion Sunday