third battle of Ypres

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Soldiers at the Battle of Passchendaele in Ypres, Belgium.
d a " The battle ended on November 6, when British and Canadian forces seized the village of Passchendaele, having advanced just five miles.
The competition asked students to create a curriculum resource about the World War I Battle of Passchendaele for students in years 7 to 10 using digital technologies.
To mark the occasion, Platform Theatre Group staged Tommy's Passchendaele at Birmingham University.
Many of the young men who fought at Passchendaele enlisted in 1914 in response to Lord Kitchener's famous recruitment poster.
William said: "All told, the Battle of Passchendaele would claim close to two thousand [Kiwi] lives, a devastating toll for a country with a population of just over a million.
GYno ger tref Langemark mae'r Gofeb i'r Cymry fu'n ymladd yn Y Rhyfel Mawr, ac yn agos iawn i'r fan honno y cafodd Hedd Wyn ei glwyfo'n angheuol ar fore cyntaf brwydr Passchendaele ganrif union yn ol.
I WATCHED the recent commemorative ceremonies to mark the centenary of the battle of Passchendaele with a mixture of pride and sadness.
T HAS been a week of commemorations as the world marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the Battle of Passchendaele.
At that ceremony, the Prince of Wales spoke of the "courage and bravery" of British soldiers killed at Passchendaele, exactly 100 years after thousands of British and Commonwealth troops went "over the top".
A TEENAGER was among the men from Teesside who lost their lives on the first day of the Battle of Passchendaele.
The other is Passchendaele, which began 100 years ago yesterday.
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May greets Prince William and Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge as she arrives at Tyne Cot cemetery for commemorations for the 100th anniversary of the battle of Passchendaele near Ypres in Belgium, yesterday.
Manning the line in the Canadian sector after the second stage of the attack on Passchendaele was former Chelsea footballer George Kennedy, who was born in Dumfries in 1882.
The hellish battle of Passchendaele in 1917 saw an estimated 325,000 Allied and between 260,000 and 400,000 German casualties either dead, wounded or missing in 103 days of heavy fighting that moved the front line by just eight kilometres.