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a unit of pressure equal to one newton per square meter


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French mathematician and philosopher and Jansenist

a programing language designed to teach programming through a top-down modular approach

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The Pascals ran it as a family, employing wives, cousins, sons, mothers and nephews over the years, and the employees would even send earrings to moms on Mother's Day.
NORTHRIDGE - For 31 years, Barry Pascal delivered medicine to the homes of customers who couldn't get to his Northridge Pharmacy.
It's like we're having a funeral in here,'' said Pascal, who, with his wife, Shirley, bought the pharmacy in 1972.
Perhaps the best sign of the pharmacy's close ties to the community and its residents is the fact that many customers pitched in to help the Pascals clean up and restock after the quake.
Donnis Galvan, a regional sales representative for porcelain collectibles sold in the store, said the Pascals earned their customers' loyalty by keeping the shattered pharmacy open to the public round-the-clock immediately after the quake.
And inside, customers who have shopped at the store and had their prescriptions filled there for years chat like old friends with the pharmacy's employees and its owners, Barry and Shirley Pascal.
com)-- Pascal Steel Corporation is pleased to announce the completion of construction of the new Great American Pavilion in California's Great America Amusement Park.
Pascal Steel utilized their in-house design team to create an environmentally conscious metal building that will meet California's Great America's needs for years to come.