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type genus of the Parulidae: wood warblers

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Severin: Yes, of all the bird poems, I think my favourite is 'A Northern Parula Blown to the Hebrides.' I love how the Scots words emerge; it's a sort of mixture with the English.
He said: "The northern parula is such a beautiful bird, it's been a real treat to have it as a visitor on Tiree.
For example, Kramer Preserve supported both mesic, upland-associated species, such as the wood thrush and scarlet tanager, and also floodplain-associated species, such as the Louisiana waterthrush (Seiurus aurocapillus) and Northern parula (Parula Americana).
Exceptions, included Northern Parula, which was abundant (>2 /ha) at all three sites, and Magnolia, Yellow, and Black-throated Green Warblers, which were moderately abundant in Bohm Woods (1-2 individuals/ha).
My chimney swifts disappeared a quarter-century ago, and parula warblers more recently than that.
Familia Emberizidae Subfamilia Parulinae Parula pitiayumi (Vieillot) (pitiayumi).
Most (58%) of the 1,217 birds tested were resident species of Cuba, primarily chestnut manakins (Lonchura malaccas), blue jays (Cyanocitta cristata), herring gulls (Larus argentatus), yellow-faced grassquits/olive finches (Tiaris olivacea), and northern parulas (Parula americana).
Next, a gorgeous male American redstart joined in, and alongside it landed a northern parula. Birds appeared everywhere, making quick flights to grab the insects.
Borlaug M95 was developed from a cross of CIMMYT derived breeding lines ('Hahn'*2/'Parula'), but the source of Borlaug M95 Karnal bunt resistance is unclear.
The sounds even attracted other species: ovenbirds, parula warblers and prairie warblers.
Mass BMR [+] Order and species (g) (mL [O.sub.2][cdotp] [g.sup.-1][cdotp][h.sup.-1]) Passerifomes Goldcrest, Regulus 5.5 6.0 regulus Verdin, Auriparus 6.4 4.3 flaviceps Black-rumped Waxbill, 6.1 3.7 Estrilda troglodytes Parula Warblet, Parula 7.0 3.1 americana Apodiformes Rivoli's Hummingbird, 6.6 2.8 Eugenes fulgens Coraciiformes Puerto Rican Tody, 6.3 [++] 3.2 [ss] Todus mexicanus Order and species Reference Passerifomes Goldcrest, Regulus Gavrilov and Dol'nik cited in regulus Pinowski and Kendeigh (1977) Verdin, Auriparus Buttemer et al.
Expect to see whooping cranes, ferruginous pygmy owls, tropical parula, Aplomado falcon, green jay, Harris' hawk, and more!
However, within the fragmented environment of Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C., breeding bird studies from 1947 through 1978 found that six migrants--yellow-billed cuckoo, yellow-throated vireo, and the northern parula, black-and-white, hooded, and Kentucky warblers--were completely lost, and a few other species--Acadian flycatcher, wood thrush, red-eyed vireo, ovenbird, and scarlet tanager--had declined by 50 percent.
Two song populations of the Northern Parula. Auk 109:215-222.