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wallboard composed of wood chips or shavings bonded together with resin and compressed into rigid sheets

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Sized to the dimensions of the existing door, the spiece rack has a 1-by-3 pine frame and particle-board backing; for strength, a pine strip runs down the center.
What begins as a reaction to one substance may soon include many and diverse chemicals, including personal products (perfume, hair spray, after-shave, deodorant, cologne, detergent and fabric softener), and environmental chemicals (air freshener, insecticide, paint and paint thinner, off-gasses from carpet, particle-board, furniture, and construction supplies).
A cheaper option is to coat particle-board with a waterbased polyurethane sealer, which locks in formaldehyde.
Pick up a cheap particle-board model at a home center and drape it with fabric.
Let the other ends of the flooring extend freely beyond the third side of the triangle, but provide support so they stay level with the particle-board base.
Composite panels have particle-board cores bonded between conventional face and back plies.
A continuously operating press for the production of particle-boards, fiberboards or similar wooden-material boards and plastic sheets allows for the free longitudinal expansion or contraction of the press heating plates by having a press force frame structure of individual press frames positioned between support carriers and mounted on sliding members on the lower support carriers.
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